How to Fight Vaccine Mandates and Passports, by Joseph Mercola

Joseph Mercola doesn’t mention them, but for a price first-class fakes are probably obtainable as well. From Mercola at

Around the world, huge numbers of people are protesting vaccine mandates and passports. In mid-September 2021, Italy became the first European country to announce the implementation of mandatory COVID-19 health passes (so-called “Green Pass”) for all workers, both public and private.

The Italian mandate took effect October 15, 2021. Under the new rules, any Italian who does not have a Green Pass is forced into unpaid leave and risks fines of up to 1,500 euros (approximately $1,750). Massive demonstrations are also taking place in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Australia and France.

Even in Israel, mass protests are now taking place as it was announced Israelis will lose their health pass privileges unless they get a third booster shot six months after their second dose.

Situation in New York

New York City has also seen large protests in the wake of its vaccine requirement for restaurants and other public venues. Among those protesting are firefighters, first responders, correctional officers, police officers and sanitation workers.

The New York City police union, the Police Benevolent Association, recently sued the city over its COVID jab mandate, saying it opposes any mandate that does not allow police officers to undergo weekly testing in lieu of getting the shot.

As of mid-October 2021, an estimated 30% of the New York police department remained unvaccinated.1 Unless they’re fully “vaccinated” by November 1, 2021, they all face being placed on unpaid leave. In all, about 46,0002 New York city workers stand before this difficult choice: get the risky jab or lose their job.

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2 responses to “How to Fight Vaccine Mandates and Passports, by Joseph Mercola

  1. Good morning Robert,

    I am interested in these high-class fakes, not sure how much and where? I know this is probably touchy, but if you can shed some light it will be great.
    My main and overriding motivation is NOT to get one. The only soft spot is international travel out of necessity.


  2. MASH

    I personally do not know how to get one. I know one person who recently traveled internationally to a country that requires proof of vaccination. I am fairly certain this person had not been vaccinated. I assume this person got a fake, but when I asked about it, they said to check the internet without giving me a specific reference. So I am in the same boat as you, were I to require such documentation. I’ll leave it at that. Like you, my “main and overriding motivation is NOT to get one.” I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.


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