The Whirlwind . . . By Eric Peters

Rulers always profess mystification and outrage when their force is met with force. From Eric Peters at

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British Air Marshall Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris – who commanded the Royal Air Forces’ Bomber Command during the 1940s – was criticized for his tactics, which included the “area bombing” of German cities, including (most infamously) Dresden, which wasn’t a military target, per se. Tens of thousands of people died in these raids, the bulk of them civilians. Women and children. Old people.

Just ordinary people.

When asked about this later, Harris was unapologetic. He reportedly said that the Germans sowed the wind – and reaped the whirlwind.

Something similar, if on a smaller scale, may have just happened at the minivan plant in Windsor, Ontario – where the Chrysler Pacifica minivan is assembled. Someone – apparently, an ordinary worker – placed a bomb within that subsequently detonated.

No one was harmed.

But someone was angry enough to make the attempt.

Perhaps because that person had been threatened with harm.

Stellantis – the automotive combine which owns the Chrysler brand as well as the Dodge/Jeep/Ram brands (among other brands) has decreed that employees must roll up their sleeves in order to be allowed to continue working.

Ford recently did the same.

Many workers object to being forced to take drugs, on principle. If an employer can require an employee to take this drug, what is to prevent the employer from requiring that employees take other drugs?

There is also the understandable worry that whatever’s in those needles will cause them harm.

It is a reasonable fear – given that others have already been harmed. This is indisputable. The numbers and percentages can be argued about. What is inarguable is that people have been harmed. People who were healthy are now sick.

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