Will the CIA’s JFK Assassinated-Related Records Ever Get Released? By Jacob G. Hornberger

There’s nothing suspicious at all about the CIA shielding a trove of its documents concerning John F. Kennedy’s assassination. From Jacob G. Hornberger at fff.org:

By this time, it should be sinking into everyone’s consciousness that the American people are never going to be permitted to see the rest of the CIA’s 60-year-old secret records relating to the JFK assassination.

Yes, I know, President Biden says that the new deadline for disclosure is December 22, 2022, which just happens to fall after the November 2022 congressional elections. But that’s just like the mechanical rabbit that is used in dog races — the dogs are never going to catch that rabbit. And the American people are never going to see those records.

Don’t forget, after all, that this isn’t the first deadline that has been set for disclosure. There was the 25-year deadline that was set back in the 1990s. That deadline came due during the Trump administration.

What happened when that deadline came? It got extended of course. Trump surrendered to the CIA’s demands for continued secrecy, just as Biden now has. Every president will do so. The CIA will demand it. National security depends on it!

Ever since Kennedy was assassinated, there has been a segment of society that has fallen for the official story — that a lone nut communist former U.S. Marine shot and killed the president. This segment has also bought into what has become known as the magic-bullet theory, which holds that a bullet hit Kennedy in the back of the neck, exited his throat, broke ribs and a wrist bone in Governor Connally, lodged in Connally’s thigh, and ended up in virtually pristine, never-been-shot condition.

What this segment of society has never been able to explain is why it was therefore necessary to shroud the investigation of the assassination in national-security-state secrecy. In other words, if the assassination really happened because a lone-nut communist former U.S. Marine suddenly, without any motive, decided to kill the president, what in the world would that have to do with “national security,” no matter was definition is put to that nebulous, meaningless term?

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One response to “Will the CIA’s JFK Assassinated-Related Records Ever Get Released? By Jacob G. Hornberger

  1. The doorway into the fortress of tyranny opens from the chamber of secrecy.


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