COVID: “Hey, look at the mess I can make.” The Jab: “Hold my beer.” By John Wilder

They’re coming up with all sorts of explanations why the increase in heart disease and heart attacks couldn’t be the vaccines fault. From Jon Wilder at

“Either put on these glasses or start eating that trashcan.” – They Live

So, if I take it I can still catch the ‘Rona and I can still spread the ‘Rona, but the unjabbed are the problem?

The endgame of the ‘Rona may be near.

“Two weeks to stop the spread” has now been going on for 630 days.  “The Jab” got its Emergency Use Authorization about a year ago.  And now, the latest stats I’ve seen show 59% of the people in the country have double-jabbed, and 69% have had at least one dose.

But what are the consequences?  I would give you a conspiracy theory, but let’s face it:  in 2021, conspiracy theories should be called what they really are:  plot spoilers.

Honestly, the impact of the vaxx is not fully known, and probably won’t be for years.  But there have been a stunning series of news stories showing up that tell us that whatever problems are causing the wave of excess deaths, it is certainly, completely, and utterly not the mRNA gene therapy causing it:

(LINK)  Cannabis!  Yes.  That certainly is the only reason that young people who normally never have heart attacks and die are having them.  Whew.  Problem solved.  The American Heart Association would never lie to us, right?

(LINK)  Oh, the heart attacks are being caused by stress because of the ‘Rona.  Well, that’s relieving to know!  This is mainly in that heart-attack-prone age group of 30 to 45.  Oh, and the 300,000?  That’s in the UK.

(LINK)  Don’t forget poor diet.  Also, show a picture of keto food while complaining about sugar.

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