Skullduggery As A Primary Cause Of COVID Death, by Betty Louise Tyndale

Can you trust anything the Covid commissars say about Covid? From Betty Louise Tyndale at

There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations, politicians, international bodies, world governments, scientists, health-care experts, and just your average citizen clamoring for the vaccine manufacturers to cough up (bad choice of words) their VAERS data. Tearing a page from Fauci’s playbook, Big Pharma just keeps stonewalling such requests, and it’s pretty evident that they do not ever intend to release such data, or at least data that hasn’t been laundered and overhauled. Even then, I don’t think it will happen. Big Pharma, like Fauci, isn’t about to acquiesce to the demands of insignificant people.

I’ve witnessed so many people doing bad things during this time—George Soros, Bill Gates, Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo, and little tony fauci. I remarked to my husband recently that it speaks volumes about how lousy a job our health-care “experts” have done when we have to tune in to Dr. John Campbell’s daily updates from the U.K., updates from a Dr. Been here in the U.S., and YouTube videos of John McCullough, Pierre Kory, and Robert Malone, if they haven’t been X-rated by the nameless, faceless, and mostly clueless fact checkers and expunged from public viewing out of an excess of caution that we might actually learn something worthwhile from them.

I personally have come to mistrust anything said by a public official on the topic of COVID. Case in point. A few nights ago I watched an interview of a virologist at The Mayo Clinic whom I won’t name to protect his privacy. Playing on the reputation of The Mayo Clinic, this man was likely tapped to give his take on the current situation because he’d be taken seriously by viewers. He confesses that he’s worried about the omicron “blizzard” (his words, coming from Rochester, MN, and all) that stands to overwhelm our health-care system, that he’s worried that there are not enough people who are vaccinated and boosted, and he’s pretty sure that COVID19 is going to be around for a good deal longer. Omega, not omicron, is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, so we have a ways to go. And, yes, Mayo man believes there are bound to be other COVID variants that may make what we’ve experienced thus far seem like a walk in the park. And, yes, per this man, vaccines are the panacea, the be-all, and end-all of protection against serious disease.

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