15 Percent Less Gas – and Money to Buy it With, Too, by Eric Peters

Ethanol in gas decreases engine efficiency and wrecks engines. That must be why the Biden administration wants to put more of it in gasoline. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

It’s ironic that the Thing responsible for causing the price of gas to double (on its way to tripling) at the same the value of the money we’re forced to use to pay for it has declined by about 15 percent has decided there’ll be 15 percent less gas in what was – once – 100 percent gas.

It – the Thing – has “authorized” via a “waiver” – another 5 percent reduction in the quantity of gas you’re allowed to buy, by increasing the quantity of ethanol alcohol in each gallon of what is no longer gas to 15 percent.

This is what’s styled “E15” – which is set to become the new default standard, replacing “E10,” the styling for what was 90 percent gas adulterated with 10 percent ethanol alcohol.

It – the Thing – says this is being done “As part of (his) commitment to providing Americans relief from market supply issues created by Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine.”

A number of interesting things about this transition.

The first being that 15 percent alcohol means another substantial reduction in the energy density – in BTU terms – of the resultant brew. This means the number of miles your car will travel down the road on a gallon of E15 will be reduced and that, in turn, means you will be buying more E15, sooner – using the money that’s had its buying power reduced by 15 percent, courtesy of the same Thing.

The Thing says “This action will increase fuel supply and provide consumers more choices at the pump.” Interesting, given “consumers” – one imagines hogs at the trough – will have less choice and pay more for it, by dint of being able to drive less far, using it.

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One response to “15 Percent Less Gas – and Money to Buy it With, Too, by Eric Peters

  1. Does JoJo Brandon get a 10% cut?
    Bidenflation is a construct of the white male patriarchy.


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