The Greatest Global Medical Gaslightlighting Psyop Of All Time, by State of the Nation

Billions of people have played along, not realizing the risks they were incurring. From State of the Nation at

*SADS =  Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

State of the Nation

Virtually everyone working within the Health Freedom Movement and/or various Anti-Vaccine groups knows what SIDS really is.

Yes, SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but that’s just a fancy medical term for “infant death by vaccine”. See: The Plausible Connection between Vaccines and SIDS

Young children, from their infancy onward, are injected with so many different vaccines these days that countless babies, in particular, are dying in their cribs from this routine medical assault (well informed folks call it medical rape).

Because the medical profession is paid handsomely by Big Pharma to never attribute these obvious vaccine-induced deaths to the utterly barbaric vaccination schedules, they call it SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—when consulting with the bereaved parents.

Many a parent (or both parents) has even been aggressively prosecuted for Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) when in fact it was the deadly vaccine(s) that killed the fragile baby.

Another Cover-up for Medical Infanticide Via Fatal Vaccines


But now that we have entered the Covid era and we see that young adults, especially under 40, are vulnerable to the same type of vaccine-caused death as SIDS.  And now the all-powerful Big Pharma-Medical-Government Complex is calling it SADS, the catchy acronym for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

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2 responses to “The Greatest Global Medical Gaslightlighting Psyop Of All Time, by State of the Nation

  1. This post got me permanently suspended from Twitter. NO regrets. The censorship is ferocious on Twitter and FB. My 2 FB pages have been shadowbanned out of existence. Truth is inflicting terror in the control freaks, Nazis, wokesters, Fauci worshippers and Dems!


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