A whole world of mRNA vaccine side effect case reports, by Alex Berenson

Doctors still can’t report suspected vaccine injury in the U.S., but the cat’s out of the bag in much of the rest of the world. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

The mRNA vaccines are as safe as they are effective. Physicians from around the world agree!

Below are a handful of the post-vaccine side effects doctors have reported to medical journals for the mRNA shots in just the last few weeks.

This is not your cousin telling you about how his sister’s buddy passed out after her Pfizer booster. These are case reports on a variety of severe side effects, including diabetes and lymphoma. They’re published in well-respected medical journals, with substantial supporting detail.

The first one – about two interns at the same hospital who both suffered myocarditis severe enough to require intensive care in a matter of days – is particularly striking.

What is also striking is the fact that American physicians didn’t write any of these reports – even though the United States has administered far more mRNA shots than any other country. Three are from Turkey, one from Japan, one from Romania, and one from France.

If only American physicians could be as honest. Or maybe ‘Merica has just been lucky!

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