Rather Than Focus on What You Don’t Control (“The News”), Focus on What You Do Control: What You Grow, Eat and Own, by Charles Hugh Smith

You’re not going to change the world, but you can make your own life better. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com:

Now that globalization and financialization are finally unraveling, people are slowly awakening to the national security foundations of localizing production.

What exactly is “the news” other than an inducement to passivity, despair and derangement? Since we exert zero control over what happens in distant lands and global economies, why waste time passively consuming “if it bleeds it leads” offal designed to addict us to a steady stream of despair and derangement?

Why not ditch “the news” in favor of focusing on what we do control: what we grow, eat and own? It’s almost a binary choice: either focus on screens of addictive offal for hours every day or act on our own behalf in the real world.

Food inflation is highlighting the financial value of home gardens. Paul of the Silver Doctors and I discuss turning gardening savings into more ownership of something we control (for example, precious metals) in Save Money On Food, Get Free Gold & Silver, Beat Price Inflation (1:08 hrs).

I’ve been posting about the value of gardening for over a decade, describing the financial and health benefits. I Dig Dirt: The Remedy for Derealization (July 23, 2011)         The Hidden Value of Gardens (September 13, 2014)

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2 responses to “Rather Than Focus on What You Don’t Control (“The News”), Focus on What You Do Control: What You Grow, Eat and Own, by Charles Hugh Smith

  1. They are coming after all that too.🥴. If we let them.😉


  2. True. Fully concur with the ‘tune out’ of panic and despair porn ‘news’. As well as ‘hopium’, “We’ll go it alone”, nonsense such as this.

    It’s not only that ALL the water and soil has been seriously nanoparticle contaminated, particularly in ‘1st world’ countries, but unless you’re literally sitting on and defending whatever mediums of barter you chose AND growing food in a biosphere that’s fully decontaminated, you’re buying very, very little extra time. They WILL certainly isolate all who try this using ‘open air & water sourced’ nutrients quite easily, and those attempting otherwise even easier due to the added structural reqs.

    It’s beyond time to STOP them, period.


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