Talk vs. Fail, by Eric Peters

Trump’s a big talker. Desantis is a doer, and a pretty fair talker. From Eric Peters at

A sound way to judge a person is by his deeds – as opposed to his words. By this standard, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has acted in a way deserving of the support of people who are tired of politicians such as Donald Trump – who talk but never act.

Or act wrongly, ineptly – serially.

Earlier this week, DeSantis acted, again – by publicly firing a prosecutor who would not prosecute – when it came to laws (as regards abortion wrongs) he personally doesn’t like. DeSantis correctly pointed out that it is wrong for a prosecutor to selectively enforce laws and that he would not tolerate it.

This is not the only example of DeSantis acting.

He didn’t just talk about Disney’s disgusting practices. He acted to deny Disney the preferential status – as regards taxes and other things – it has enjoyed for decades.

He has also combatted the vicious misinformation peddled about “masks” and “vaccines.” He brought forth Dr. Joseph Ladapo to serve as the state of Florida’s surgeon general. Dr. Ladapo says “We must make health policy decisions rooted in data and not in fear.”

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3 responses to “Talk vs. Fail, by Eric Peters

  1. DeSantis is #2 and Trump #1 for me. If DeSantis does beat Trump for the
    nomination = fine for 2024.


  2. Botched_Lobotomy

    Saying that the guy who has a global real estate empire, married a supermodel, raised a wonderful family, won the election to be president of the US twice, made America energy independent, created the best economy with the lowest employment levels for several groups of people, fought off the corrupt media not to mention the corrupt GOP, negotiated favorable trade deals for a change, helped achieve peace in the Middle East, prevented the military industrial complex from starting any new wars, is a talker instead of a doer is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on the internet. Congratulations Eric Peters, your willingness to publicly display your ignorance must be truly inspirational to the dull-minded and dimwitted alike.


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