Celebrating a Death, by Eric Peters

A dirge for V8s and cars with internal combustion muscle. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

How does one “celebrate” a death?

It’s an odd choice of words given the death is more like a murder – the unnatural ending of the lives of the Dodge Charger and Challenger, which should have been around for many years to come but won’t be around after the end of next year – courtesy of the Things in Washington that signed their death warrants.

They will be replaced by more “eco-friendly” electric cars – air-fingers-quotation marks to emphasize the lie of the thing, since there is nothing “eco friendly” about replacing a 500 pound V8 engine – as in the Charger and Challenger – with a 1,000-plus pounds of environmentally hazardous materials that consume a gratuitously excessive amount of power – in the form electricity that is generated almost entirely by burning hydrocarbon fuels, just like a V8 engine.

The only thing “eco” about these electric cars is the fraudulent sales pitch.

Here it is worth a mention that VW got Hut! Hut! Hutted! by the federal government for marketing what were styled “clean” diesels – because they produced fractionally more oxides of nitrogen, a byproduct of combustion, under full throttle – and because VW installed “cheat” software that caused this fractional difference in NOx emissions to pass unnoticed on federal emissions certification tests.

Now, these VW diesels were “clean” – in that they burned very little fuel per mile (most were capable of going more than 50 miles on a gallon of fuel) and that alone reduced the quantity of gasses they “emitted” substantially.

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One response to “Celebrating a Death, by Eric Peters

  1. Oxides of nitrogen!

    First they came for the VW diesels, but I did not speak out; for I drove a Toyota

    Then they came for the Canadian truckers. but I did not speak out; for I am an American

    Then they came for the Dutch farmers, and I did speak out; for I love Gouda Cheese and Africans (who will die without nitrogen fertilizers creating food)

    Then they came for the Americans, and watch out; because there are limits to how long we will sit idly back and take it


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