Bali Fails to ‘Bail Out’ Biden, by Natasha Wright

Biden didn’t impress or intimidate anyone at the G20 summit at Bali. From Natasha Wright at

The Xi vs Biden meeting stood out a geopolitical mile for its vital importance or at least for its potential to make the world laugh at Biden’s faux pas.

At this point in time we are looking at the G20 Bali Summit behind us waving a half grim goodbye to it remembering the sorrowful sight at its very unofficial beginning. There obviously was both protocol and symbolism galore there. On one hand, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, set foot on Bali with the readily available red carpeted airplane steps to welcome him to the Summit, while on the other hand Bumbling Biden (who seem to have borrowed this adjective from his counterpart Bumbling Boris, who recently resigned from No 10) he descended down the bleak and bare airplane steps, though mercifully he did not trip over and fell.

The G20 Bali Summit 2022 was and still is in its wake ‘a battlefield’ between two global sides in an economical/financial and political war all in one: the Collective West and all the others. G20 countries were and are split in half and not much more than that should have been expected. The old world order doggedly refuses to leave the geopolitical arena whilst the new one is still in its fledgling stage. On one geopolitical front there were/are: the USA and its allies: EU, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea in one word: The Collective West. On the other one there are Russia and all the other members which have not imposed sanctions on Russia: ten of them in total. Let us try and remember the times when G20 was established in 1999. Admittedly, one couldn’t have possibly imagined the shape and form this list is in today. In this other /second group are Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey in alphabetical order of this formally informal alliance in terms of their cultural, historical, geopolitical values to say the least which would be an understatement on my part. This second group of countries tend to be in the long and arduous process of distancing themselves in an ever-growing alienation and saying goodbye to the Collective West because what binds them together within G20 at this point is economy only but there is a gaping hemorrhaging hole in between all of them in terms of their cultures, values and views on a multitude of other issues which keeps them split apart. If one looks at the economic/ financial forecasts and the parity of purchasing power by 2030, China is bound to have a two times bigger economy than the USA. Believe it or not, the USA will be only the third in the world and not one other country from the Collective West will be in the first ten by then.

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One response to “Bali Fails to ‘Bail Out’ Biden, by Natasha Wright

  1. Three Minute Rule

    “American dominance will end by 2030.”

    World Economic Forum


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