U.S. Tanks In Ukraine Already Destroyed After Being Easily Recognized By Their Rainbow Camouflage

From The Babylon Bee:

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UKRAINE — Mere hours after deploying 31 brand new U.S. M1 Abrams tanks, sources are now reporting all 31 of them have been destroyed by the Russians. Experts are attributing this to the fact that each of the 31 tanks featured rainbow camouflage that was easily visible to the enemy Russians.

“These tanks are state of the art, boasting the latest and greatest in firepower, mobility, and of course LGBTQ-affirming camouflage,” said Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. “The fact the Russians would dare fire upon our rainbow-printed tanks shows how hateful, bigoted and on the wrong side of history these Russians truly are.”

According to sources, it was a beautiful moment in Ukraine as the people cheered on the newly deployed Abrams tanks as they made their way down the streets of Kyiv. Unfortunately, this touching moment was cut short as the tanks rounded the street corner and were effortlessly, and easily targeted by Russian tanks in seconds.

Lloyd Austin responded in a statement: “The American military will learn from these mistakes made, and I personally promise to do everything in my power to make our fighting forces even more progressive. We now know that if we are going to stop the Russians, our tanks need to be more diverse, more equitable, and operated by non-binary, trans persons of color.”

At publishing time, President Joe Biden stated that he was “putting boots on the ground”, and that it was okay and not an escalation of war as long as the boots were rainbow-colored.



One response to “U.S. Tanks In Ukraine Already Destroyed After Being Easily Recognized By Their Rainbow Camouflage

  1. Muh Fweedom Fwies

    I wonder if they got the idea from a propaganda photo an Abrams with a rainbow in the background from sand box war II in Iraq during the era of Shrubya Bush?
    The Abrams donation to the pianist/comedian Zelensky has been somewhat walked back by Xhou Baiden stating that there aren’t enough in stock and a 4-D chess type page says it was to troll Germany into sending the Leopards!


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