The Sound Police, by Eric Peters

Internal combustion engines are noisy, electrical car batteries are not. Suddenly everyone’s interested in noise pollution. From Eric Peters at

One of the ways the people who want to punish driving have gone about it is by attacking the burning of gas and the “emitting” of gasses. Another – related – way is by attacking the “emitting” of  . . . noise.

Because guess what kind of car doesn’t make any?

Electric vehicles do produce artificial sounds but these can be turned off. You cannot turn off the sound produced by an engine, which will always make some “noise,” as the sounds made by engines are styled by those who hate engines.

his brings us to New York City – which is of course a city. In other words a place that is noisy by definition even in the absence of vehicles with engines because it is a city – and there are myriad other sources of noise, such as the electric subways, for instance. But never mind them and the obnoxious screeches and clattering sounds they make.

Nor the sounds of obnoxious “street performers,” either.

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One response to “The Sound Police, by Eric Peters

  1. The problem with electric cars is that if you are blind and use a cane, you cannot hear them coming. So to adhere to the ADA, some sort of noise or warning system has to be added to them.


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