moving the goalposts on “safe” (part 1), by el gato malo

Twenty years ago there is no way that vaccines with the documented adverse effects of the Covid vaccines wouldn’t have been pulled from the market. From el gato malo at

ignoring the standards, ignoring the signals

over generations, the standard of safety applied to widespread vaccine use has been extremely stringent. this is as it should be. drugs to be given near universally to healthy people are a VERY different proposition than drugs given to people who are already sick. the tolerance for adverse effects must be much lower, especially for those for whom actual risk from disease is low. 1 in a million for a severe outcome like death was generally around the limit of tolerance. 1 in 100k was deemed impossibly dangerous to consider.

the h1n1 vaccine released in the EU was pulled after ~30 million doses being administered due to 45 fatalities and a ~1 in 55,000 rate of permanent narcolepsy perhaps as high as 1 in 18,000 in adolescents.

there was not even a question about pulling it off the market, this was an obvious and clear cut case that was not even debated.

boom. done.

a 1.5/million death rate and a 1 in 18-55,000 debilitation rate were WAY outside anything acceptable.

and folks had some pointy questions on motivation

note the similarity in dramatis personae…

in 1976, the infamous “swine flu vaccine” was pulled in the US over ill effects including 362 cases of the severe paralytic disease guillain-barre in ~45 million vaccinees (8 per million).

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One response to “moving the goalposts on “safe” (part 1), by el gato malo

  1. Carlin’s You Are All Diseased was way ahead of the curve back in 1999-2000 with the Fear of Germs rant/routine.
    Some of that stuff he predicted has come true.
    That is a bug and not a feature.


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