Rumors Swirl Over Which Biden Family Member Got Cut Of $3M CCP-Linked Wire, by Tyler Durden

Drip by drip, the details of rampant Biden family corruption keep seeping out. From Tyler Durden at

Washington DC is abuzz with speculation over which Biden family member got a cut of a $3 million wire transfer to Hunter Biden associate John “Rob” Walker, just weeks after Joe Biden was no longer Vice President in 2017.

According to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) – who last week said that evidence of CCP money flowing to the Biden family was “as bad as we thought,” – revealed that bank records obtained via a subpoena have implicated a “new Biden family member” in the ongoing investigation into the first family’s finances.

Comer told Fox News that Walker received a $3 million wire from two individuals tied to the Chinese Communist Party, which he then divvied up between Biden family members.

“The very next day after that wire was received, the Walker account started transferring money into three different Biden family members’ accounts, including a new Biden family member that’s never before been identified as someone being involved in the influence-peddling scheme,” Comer told host Sean Hannity (as part of several recent interviews on the network).

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2 responses to “Rumors Swirl Over Which Biden Family Member Got Cut Of $3M CCP-Linked Wire, by Tyler Durden

  1. Nothing to see here and nothing will happening to the crime cartel posing as a political party that is burning it all down better.
    Isn’t that odd how the SVB bank funded many PRC/CCP projects.
    How bout that Saudi Iran peace deal that foreign policy genius Brandon brokered. (honk!)


  2. if it weren’t for crooked leaders, we would have no leaders at all. in this light, would it not be better to be leaderless?

    to arrest Trump while the biden criminal cabal goes untouched is a violation of everything this nation stands for. what shall we, the people, do about this? unfortunately, i will not hold my breath for a reaction to this, or virtually everything else illegal that is done. the ‘new normal’ of official criminality is apparently accepted.


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