The Pentagon’s B-Movie: Looking Closely at the September 2001 Attacks, by Edward Curtin

If you do look closely at 9/11, you’re going to see things that the government and mainstream media colluded not to see. From Edward Curtin at

This new book by Graeme MacQueen (click here for a free e-copy) contains a collection of his articles and essays on the attacks of September 11, 2001, the subsequent anthrax attacks, and analyses of other false flag operations.  They are profoundly important and shatter the official versions of those events.

No one reading this book can come away from it not convinced that the U.S. government is a terrorist state. MacQueen’s conclusions are not based on rhetoric but on a deep empirical analyses, facts not propaganda.

With this volume, Graeme MacQueen takes his place alongside David Ray Griffin as a prophet without honor in his own time. History will declare him a hero.  To write the following introduction is a great honor, for my esteem for Graeme and his work is immense


Graeme MacQueen’s work is a testament to a man devoted to the search for truth and the freedom and peace that ensue from its discovery. I think it is surely not an accident that he is a Buddhist scholar and a former professor of religious and peace studies.

In this regard, he reminds me of two other inspired theologians who carry the message of love and peace into the political realm where their extraordinary writing has given great hope to those yearning for truth and justice: James W. Douglass and David Ray Griffin, the former the great JFK scholar and the latter the author of a dozen or so groundbreaking books on the events of September 11, 2001.

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2 responses to “The Pentagon’s B-Movie: Looking Closely at the September 2001 Attacks, by Edward Curtin

  1. They hate us for our fweedoms.
    Get out to the mall for some of that hecho en China for next year’s landfill crop and let us be thankful for commerce.
    Those B-52’s and Reapers are gonna serve you up some democracy. (honk!)
    If you see something, keep it to yourself.


  2. had to get those (anti)Patriot laws on the books. serves them well, us much less. we know it was the intent from the start.


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