“Mobility Leadership”, by Eric Peters

One of the great things about Eric Peters’ articles is their titles. Figure this one out on your own. From Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Michigan was once the home of the automobile industry.

It is now the home of “mobility leadership,” as it is styled by its current governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

What is meant by that, of course, is something not exactly the same as implied by the face-value meaning of the words. “Leadership” implying something you might want to follow because it is worth following; i.e., a sound example.

People such as Whitmer mean you will follow – even if you don’t want to.

They don’t say that, of course.

For the same reason these authoritarians always “ask” when they mean tell (and you’d better, or else). They engage in these etymological obfuscations for the obvious reasons. They prefer to pretend (and that you agree) they are merely sagacious “leaders” and they are being willingly followed on account of their  . . .”leadership.”

Just as Stalin liked to pretend he was merely a “general secretary” rather than the Red Tsar, a communist autocrat whose personal rule was more absolute (and murderous) than any of the Romanovs who preceded him.

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One response to ““Mobility Leadership”, by Eric Peters

  1. One LARP To Rule Them All

    Locals used to joke that GM was in the pension business first and this was years ago.
    Saw a nickname for the Gretch that made laugh in a comments section, Lipstick Hitler!
    I saved photo of a beautiful painting of her as der Fuhrer made by a Michigander at the start of the COV-LARP.
    EP uses the clovers nickname for Karens of both sexes which is laugh out loud morale boost.
    Missing lake and Amish country of the glorious peoples republic of Michigan but won’t be returning until they regain sanity.


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