It Has to Stop, by James Howard Kunstler

Incessant idiocy and criminality will come to a stop because they must. From James Howard Kunstler at

The current madness has to stop. And it will stop because, as the old wag Herb Stein laid down in his law years ago: Things that can’t go on, stop.

Which raises the question: Which things?

And the answer is the things Western Civ is doing in its attempted suicide: inciting war, recklessly running up debt, persecuting its own citizens and stealing their liberties, subjecting them to medical malfeasance, destroying their goods production and food-growing capabilities and subjecting the public to incessant harrassment in a campaign to falsify and disfigure reality.

Things like that.

A consortium of public and corporate bureaucracies has institutionalized the falsification of reality under the pretense of saving the human race from a pack of hobgoblins led by climate change denial, racism, Putin-worship and normal sexual reproduction.

They’ve been driven insane by the actual reality of pending economic collapse, which has only been accelerated by their own suicidal activities. What they apparently really want to save are their own positions, perquisite and power.

Their enabling mechanism is the digital computer and its many ways of assembling and controlling information, and thus controlling people, especially those who object to totalizing control.

They do it because they can.

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One response to “It Has to Stop, by James Howard Kunstler

  1. Nah, it’s gotta fail. The only hope for a fragment
    of what you love is for a comet strike, or magnetic
    pole shift. Nuclear war not so much. The only thing
    that can Trump money is Act of God. Some good
    folks will survive but myself and most dont have a
    chance. Its life in the material world. Atlantis fell
    too. And Rome, and Greece, and et al.


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