DoD Insiders Accuse US Arms Dealers of ‘Price Gouging’ Amid Ukraine Proxy War, by Connor Freeman

You’d think the defense contractors would be making enough money that they wouldn’t have to cheat. That, apparently, is not the case. From Connor Freeman at

American military-industrial complex firms are guilty of “price gouging,” former Pentagon insiders told Newsweek. These accusations come amidst Washington’s exponentially rising demand for weapons systems to both bolster Taiwan – in an effort to destabilize China – and support NATO’s proxy Kiev during its war with Russia.

The Ukraine policy of providing massive quantities of arms “no matter the expense,” in particular, is weakening America’s national security and combat readiness by depleting stocks which cannot be easily replenished due to the weapons firms’ skyrocketing prices, according to the former officials.

For four decades, Shay Assad worked as a contract negotiator at the Defense Department. He recently sounded off about these “astronomical price increases” and the resultant detrimental effect on the military, during a recent report on 60 Minutes, the CBS news program.

“The gouging that takes place is unconscionable,” Assad said. “There’s no doubt about it,” he continued, “You just can only buy so much, because you only have so much money. And that’s why I say, is it really any different than not giving a Marine enough bullets to put in his clip? It’s the same thing.” Assad previously worked for Raytheon as well, the arms industry giant on whose board Lloyd Austin sat before becoming the Pentagon chief.

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One response to “DoD Insiders Accuse US Arms Dealers of ‘Price Gouging’ Amid Ukraine Proxy War, by Connor Freeman

  1. the biggest ‘virtue’ of those people is their greed. it goes downhill from there.


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