About Robert Gore

Robert Gore was born in 1958 in Livermore, California. He grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where both his parents worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. His undergraduate education was at UCLA. He graduated in 1980 summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in economics and political science. He completed the JD/MBA program at UC Berkeley in 1984. He held part-time jobs throughout undergraduate and graduate school. He passed the bar exam and is an inactive member of the California Bar Association.

Mr. Gore’s career in finance began in 1984 with a bank in San Francisco, trading municipal bonds. In 1985, he went to a Wall Street firm’s west coast municipal bond office in Los Angeles as a bond trader. He developed its block and institutional sales capabilities and after four years was promoted to manager of the region.

In 1990, Mr. Gore went to a private partnership, headquartered in Los Angeles, which served a high net worth clientele throughout Southern California, as head of the firm’s fixed income division. In 1991, he became one of the youngest partners in the firm’s history. The fixed income division was consistently among the firm’s most profitable and in 2003, he was named to the executive committee. He wrote a market commentary that was distributed to the firm’s clients. Already known for his prescient calls, in 2006 he began warning of a looming housing debacle and financial crisis. His family sold their house and he set up a proprietary trading desk to capitalize on the situation. His prediction was initially not popular with his firm’s financial advisors, but it ended up saving their clients a great deal of money and he has garnered a substantial following. His current prediction: the worst is yet to come.

Mr. Gore is a past president of the Los Angeles Municipal Bond Club. He has made appearances on television and radio shows as an expert in fixed income securities and California municipal bonds. He has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register and had a letter published in the Financial Times.

In July of 2012, Mr. Gore retired from financial services to devote full-time to his writing. His first novel, The Gordian Knot, a legal thriller and courtroom drama, was published by the Writers Club Press, an imprint of iUniverse.com, in 2000 (Amazon link). His second novel, The Golden Pinnacle, is now available on Amazon. More information about and excerpts from The Golden Pinnacle are available on the Novels tab, and at thegoldenpinnacle.com. His articles on straightlinelogic.com have been reprinted in The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel, a Colorado newspaper. He is a featured writer on The Savvy Streetan online magazine, and has been on websites Zero Hedge, David Stockman’s Contra Corner, Lew Rockwell, The Automatic Earth, The Burning Platform, and Western Rifle Shooters Association.

Besides writing, Mr. Gore is an investor and CEO in a technology startup and plays golf, skis, swims, and cycles. Although he engages in political commentary, he enthusiastically shuns politics. His email is robertgore1@me.com.

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39 responses to “About Robert Gore

  1. Hi Robert,
    Read your Rev. in America article, and wondered if you would come up on air at http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/ radio show starting at 2:00pm central time till 4:00pm to discuss it. Some people have stated that the premise is faulty, that being that we cannot overthrow a gov. that does not exist. Here is a specific comment US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:
    January 8, 2015 at 8:33 am

    My Fellow Patriots:

    Unfortunately,… it appears people have not recognized one simple fact:

    This article is DEAD-WRONG right out the gate!,…. it’s base-line assumption is completely wrong!,… therefore, any arguement or solution developed on that base-line assumption,.. is also wrong!,… bar none! (I’m still shaking my head in disbelief about what some people wrote in response to this article…)

    Lets start right at the first 9 words:

    “What would it take to overthrow the U.S. government?”

    ALREADY,.. the author demonstrates his wanton ignorance,… overt stupidity,.. or both.

    FACT: THE US GOV’T HAS ALREADY BEEN OVERTHROWN!,.. PERIOD,.. BAR NONE! (What part of this simple fact are people still not getting???)

    If we had a legitmate, “US Gov’t”,… we would NOT want to overthrow it!,… and it would be PROTECTING us from the forces that have already infiltrated, subverted and taken COMPLETE control of this country and the global financial system, by a criminal cartel mistakenly called a gov’t!!!

    Does anyone NOT understand this simple reality yet?? (Again,.. I’m shaking my head in disbelief at peoples perspective on this simple,.. but deadly reality!)

    Quick Refresher Course On Some Fundamental Concepts:

    GOVERNMENTS: Goverrnmets exist (legitimate gov’ts that is),…. for the BENEFIT of the people that agree to have that government!

    Legitimate gov’ts seek to minimize internal frauds and abuses,. and to protect from external threats while creating and maintaining an atmosphere of safety and security.

    CRIMINAL CARTELS: Criminal Cartels exist to the DETRIMENT of the people they claim control over!

    Criminal Cartels seek to maximize internal frauds and abuses, and expose whole populations to every form of external threat to help create and maintain an atmosphere of fear and panic!

    Now,… given what you know about the current,.. “US Gov’t”,.. which of those above descriptions more accurately portrays what we have in this country right now??

    What the article SHOULD have started with:

    Given that the USA has ALREADY been overthrown from within and this Criminal-Cartel has now consolidated it’s power on all the facets of control,… How do we expose them?,… How do we remove them from their control?,…. How do we RESTORE a Constitutional Republic?,… and, How do we ensure this never happens again?

    As I responded to Katie today, who was running along the lines of using the monetary/financial system AGAINST them,… I wrote:

    “Yes!,.. but the question is,. how?

    You can NOT run them out of a resource that they can produce an infinite amount of (…their monetary and financial fraud!,… remember,.. the supply of fraud is infinite,… so you can never implode their system by trying to engage them in a war of attritution on that bases)

    We can NEVER win in any way, phyical (tactical) or otherwise, by engaging them on any of their systems of control,.. period,.. bar none!

    So, what does that leave us?

    We have to exit the typical fields of approach (which they already dominate),… and utilize a strategy and set of tactics that WE control.

    This of course is more easily said than done,.. but none the less,… the only way to win,… is to engage this doctrine of “Asset & Resource Dislocation”,.. meaning,… being in control of all elements needed to gain control of our country back,… or dislocating all the resources needed by us,.. FROM the control of the commies now running this country.

    Remember, whatever the commies control,.. by definition,… they control!,…. and will do so to our detriment!,… bar none.

    This means,.. we MUST,.. if we intent to restore our country, utilize all elements and resources,… which we can acquire, control and maintain control of, as we engage,.. otherwise,,… they will SEIZE any resource that we attempt to use,… to unseat them.

    The short version of this is: We can NOT rely on any resource that they can,.. and will take control of, as they seek greater control,.. and we seek to stop them.

    A simple equation,.. but one that many people still do not understand as they keep trying to fight from “within” the system,… and then act surprised or confused when they hit ANOTHER roadblock in their efforts!

    This is the nature of what we are up against.

    The real fight is understanding this,.. and developing counter-strategies when the Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,… ALREADY has the upper hand.

    This is not a comfortable reality to acknowledge,… but winning, requires, knowing what our true position is in this fight.

    We will be discussing this more on the radio show as it is clear,.. the financial/economic systems are now near a breakdown event globally


    I hope people understand the magnitude of what I just superficially commented on here!
    I personally agree with your plan, and would like to have you expound upon the issues mentioned in the above comment.
    The call in # for the radio show is 712 432 0900 access code 957464 *6 to mute and unmute. Host of show is Henry, co-host is JD.
    Thanks for your time,


  2. I have a blog that focuses on Libertarian issues. It’s at realquestionsandrealanswers.blogspot.com . I think it’s a great blog, but nobody reads it. How do I promote it?


    • Dean,
      I looked at your blog. I agree with many of your answers to the questions posed, but it may be too pedantic for many readers. A good percentage of blog readers have a Libertarian orientation, but I think you’d do better with them by weaving your Libertarian themes into real life events. As for promotion, I think the best promotion is consistently excellent and challenging writing about things people care about. I have done virtually nothing to promote SLL, but my articles are now picked up by a variety of sites, including Zero Hedge, and my readership continues to expand. One last tip. Consider featuring other sites and material on your site, and linking via your blog roll to other sites. It attracts a wider readership, and sometimes other sites return the favor.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Where is this blog now, Dean?


  3. Barbara Callison

    Robert — I am not writing to you to comment on your various articles. I am an old friend of your Mom’s ((one of her Winnemucca traveling buddies) and I am concerned about her. I have not heard from her in a couple of years. In 2014 we talked about her coming up to visit in Montana. Then in 2015 I sent her various E-mails and have not had any responses. This year I called her on her birthday and got only the message service. I have not had a reply. I would love to know if she is OK and if not, what health issues she is dealing with. I know this is not the place for this request but I don’t know how else to make contact. Sincerely — Barbara Heward Nickolich Callison


    • Ms. Callison,
      My mom is fine and I don’t know why she hasn’t responded. I will forward my email version of this comment to her and mention it the next time I talk to her.

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  4. Hello to the people behind Straight Line Logic, do you accept guest post submissions?



  5. R. Stephen Dorsey

    I know you are aware of David Stockman’s prediction that the August-October period upcoming is going to see major financial/governmental failures due to sins of the past and current incompetence (all levels). You have been prescient before and I wonder what you think of Stockman’s prediction. Thank you, R. Stephen Dorsey


    • I believe Mr. Stockman has been making the same prediction for several years, and so have I. That’s not to denigrate Mr. Stockman or me. As a former bond trader, I’ve always believed that the bigger the turn in a market and an economy, the easier it is to see coming, and the harder it is to time. Inevitably for the really big turns, the astute are early and laughed at…until they’re right. We will, given the debt-based, Ponzi scheme nature of the global and US economy, get Stockman and Gore’s apocalypse, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it happened this year. It also wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t. However, when it arrives I believe it will be truly unprecedented and earth shaking. In one way I’d like it to happen and get it over with. On the other hand, it may be even worse than I think, so what’s the rush?

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      • Yes, Global Collapse is coming, not “if” but WHEN. It will make our Great Depression seem like trivia. Few can know or be prepared for what’s ahead, and the average unbeliever Joe will need lots or luck to make it through.
        Happily, it will at last be the end of being GOVERNed. Where things go afterward is going to be up to us!


  6. Very enjoyable commentary throughout the site. Kudos.

    I wish I believed you were wrong.


  7. Hello Robert. I read the volcano article on another site so I checked out you and SSL. You have a level of thought and clarity that more than strikes a chord with me so I guess we are of like mind … one many levels. Thank you for putting it all out there and articulating reality and truth much better than I could. I’m swept up with many “reactions” over what has, and is, happened to this country. It’s like a bad dream that only gets worse. As one who tends to be impatient, admittedly too impatient sometimes, I find myself flirting with desire for the volcano to erupt. That can only be disastrous, like calling for friendly fire when the enemy is inside your perimeter and all may be lost anyway. But at least I, and others, might get the opportunity to reACT and to DO something … whatever that may be. Standing by, sort-of-prepared, waiting for the eruption is unnerving. Lets get it on.

    The only fear I have is for my 12 YO grandson. I just downloaded Prime Deceit. Looking forward to reading it


  8. OOPS I mean SLL!


  9. a site of censorship


    • Rich,
      I have never censored you. If you are trying to post and it is not going through, something is wrong. I just received a long comment (see comments for “U-Turn or Detour?” you’ll know it when you see it) from another regular commentor who has not been able to comment. He suggested that somebody had got into WordPress and was interfering with my site. This will require further investigation.



  10. Nancy Alderton

    I am trying to confirm the author of “There Are No More Heroes…Only Killers.” I received it as a piece of writing for a contest (and publication) and it appears to be plagiarized. However, the person I received it from could indeed be a Vietnam Vet. Do you have a last name to go with it? If so please let me know ASAP. Thanks.


  11. Dear Mr. Gore,
    We are a non-profit independent french political media.
    Your latest article (The Eagle, The Dragon, And The Bear) is very interesting, and we translated it into French for our non english speakers. https://www.soverain.fr/laigle-le-dragon-et-lours/
    You do not have an account on social networks (like Twitter) where we could follow your news? Or an email address where we could contact you?


  12. I bought a copy of “Prime Deceit” and find it both entertaining and even a little thought provoking (at least when the neurons upstairs are firing): Gee, that would never happen here, would it? Could it? As a colorful receptionist where I had my first real job used to say: “You bet your sweet dippy”.

    I much appreciate both the decency and intellectual bent of SLL; the suspicion is that it strongly mirrors the values of its creator as well as at least some of its community.

    I will request both the nearby libraries in my area purchase the book for their collection; usually each library buys 2-4 copies. The ulterior motive is not to goose the sale numbers for Bob; rather to raise the awareness of him and his message to the thousands of intelligent people in my locale, though many of whom are beyond hope as far as common sense goes. Most libraries now highlight their new acquisitions on their website; lots of publicity going out to discerning individuals of all stripes and at just the right price!

    I strongly encourage other SLL fans to do the same to help the cause.


    • Burt
      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed Prime Deceit. Thanks for trying to get it into your local libraries, I really appreciate that.


  13. It amazes me that the armed camp of middle America has not begun the conversations to prepare for the civil war that is on our door step! I am actually surprised that some of our covert conservative comrades and/or former Special Ops soldiers or sailors have not begun targeting the Commie leadership in Congress and the Tech giants. Defense of our Nation and its Constitution must be considered before they come after the weapons. What would the elite and dark staters in DC do if the over 15 million licensed hunters decided to take back America? OK! Discount some liberal idiots! The standing army would be larger than the troops in America!


    • You might want to hang out at some of the places talking about Qanon, people who ‘think for themselves’ helping others find critical information in what we call ‘the great awakening’. You will discover there are MANY who are aware and have been quietly preparing. WE THE PEOPLE have among us the largest armed force on Earth, this will not end well for the coup plotters.


  14. Robert! Got the Godfather book a couple of days ago. Enjoying learning more about your (de) formative years. Makes me want to go back and revisit GF I and II again.




  15. Mr. Gore, I am 66 and will be retiring at the end of the year. I am very late to learning about a lot of what you write about and greatly appreciate the wisdom and knowledge you share with your writings. In some ways, the whole picture feels like one huge CF and is quite daunting to contemplate. Is there any way to correspond privately with you to ask further about some of the information you have shared on this website, ‘offline’ I think they call it? Thank you for your consideration of my inquiry.


  16. Robert, Please unsubscribe me from your service. I don’t have time to read the posts, most of which I read directly from the actual authors.


  17. Please unsubscribe me from your service


  18. cannot find an address to email to you. will try this.
    Is the following of interest ?
    Jim Carter

    revised * * * daily

    The creation of a deficit Treasury security and the National Debt has been the subject of a previous writing. It was inspired by a professor who informed his graduate class the Federal Reserve credits a government account with book-entry value only after receiving a deficit security from the Treasury Department. Ref. https://thedailycoin.org/2018/08/21/the-federal-reserve-a-different-view-updated/. What happens to the security after being received by the Fed is the subject of this writing.

    The Fed’s only disposal of new marketable Treasury securities is by auctions which are, in fact, handled by the FRBNY as fiscal agent for the government. TreasuryDirect [TD] institutional tabulations of auctions of Treasury securities for roll-over of maturing securities historically included a ~10% ‘new cash’ component on virtually all sales. [Currently new cash can be 100% to a negative (input) of the issue.] All other funds are to redeem maturing securities. Ref. https://www.treasurydirect.gov/instit/annceresult/press/press_cashpydwn.htm. There goes the deficit spending Treasury security.

    31 CFR 375.3 establishes FRBNY’s exclusive responsibility for disbursement of the auction funds and any related function they wish to claim. With the Fed setting the parameters of the auctions, the TD must obviously obtain the values from the bank. The GAO has twice reviewed the FRBNY’s security of bid and fund handling of the auctions. The accounts maintained by FRBNY, despite CRS misleading innuendo, have never been audited. There is no mention of them in the Annual Report to Congress.

    The 90% of the auction funds used for roll-over of maturing securities are government funds. FRBNY, as fiscal agent for the government, disburses those funds, in large part, to the Primary Dealers who are tasked with collecting securities to be redeemed. The FRBNY is a franchise (purchased by commercial banks within each of the twelve districts) with a nine member Board of Directors. Administrative and regulatory control is vested in the FR Board of Governors. Any of the 108 franchise directors may be fired by the BOG without cause and without recourse, The System was designed by a furtive cabal of New York City bankers, under the guidance of a European banker, assumed to be for some gain.

    TreasuryDirect will not respond to requests for documented destination of ‘new cash’ funds. The funds from deficit Treasury securities cannot go to government and still result in inflation. Such an action would also negate any increase of the National Debt. The only feasible alternate destination of deficit spending funds is to the [covert] owners of the FR Board of Governors, Inc. [The Federal Reserve System is not deemed to readily lend itself to a corporate structure.] A privately held corporation is not required to file records with the SEC; i.e., the operation is invisible. All profit of the system, by charter, legally belongs to the government. The value appears to be embezzled. Status as a government agency is not applicable to an entity created for private profit, or for theft.

    Whether legal consideration is received from the Federal Reserve system in the creation of book-entry credit, which can be readily distinguished from consideration created by commercial banks in the creation of a loan, may be a question that must be judicially determined. The commercial bank took a risk in the loan creation; such a risk does not appear apparent from the FR creation.

    The Bloomberg v. Federal Reserve case of 2010 has the federal appellate court apply the statute that extends FOIA coverage to all official records of FR banks. Ref. 12 CFR 261.2(i)(1)(i) and (ii). The court confirms all system profit belongs to the government. Extensive labor will be required to demands relevant new cash records by FOIA, then for the court enforcement of the denied requests (optimistically) , and then for the subsequent analysis of several years of commingled funds [which exceed $12 trillion annually] to determine validity. [Better hurry. The Fed is trying to change FOIA.]

    Whether a qui tam suit for securities violation, or a false claim with a relator’s award, or exposure of a criminal act is the resultant subsequent action of FOIA record production, it is obvious that continuation of humongous deficit spending will escalate the nefarious wealth transfer to owners of the BOG. The current transfer exceeds $3 billion daily, 7/52. Each trillion dollar annual increase in deficit spending will give another $3 billion daily to the PD cabal. Unrelated use of the Fed’s new Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) program to sell Wall Street’s trash to the Treasury Department (read Stephen Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs) at inflated prices to procrastinate bankruptcy of Wall Street banks will additionally balloon the national debt.

    The historic booty may have been used to construct the six mega-corporations that control all major corporations and eliminate competition; or it could have been laundered in the stock market and drive their prior investments to even higher value; or it could have funded David Rockefeller’s utopian world domination as documented by John Perkins, William Blum, and others; or to initiate false flag warfare as documented by General Smedley Butler, John Stennett, among others; or to fund many of the nefarious CIA actions. The money is all hidden.

    Bankruptcy of the Nation is inherent. The FR Ponzi scheme creates an expanding National Debt with no possible way to pay it off. The principle of a ‘loan’ is created by deficit spending. [Notice that the ‘loan’ (sic, credit that is never negated) is from the Federal Reserve system but the taxpayers have become responsible for it.] The required interest to pay it off is never created. Only more debt, with the new principal being used to pay the prior interest, delays the Ponzi’s collapse. The exponential growth required to perpetuate such a Ponzi scheme is evidenced in any graph of our National Debt. A contract that cannot be culminated is an act of fraud and is void from its inception.

    During national bankruptcy, the FRBNY will handle redemption of the PD’s tendered securities they have purchased in the market for pennies. They will demand face value from the U.S. Treasury; i.e., a financial rape of the nation. They are all one clan. Hello Greece and a U.S. troika controlled by financial entities.

    Benjamin Ginsberg has chronicled a history of financiers with government in FATAL EMBRACE; (financiers) AND THE STATE. He attributes the Baron’s revolt/Magna Carta to King John’s decree they would fund and staff John’s invasion of Normandy. The instigation of war by London financiers would have been highly profitable. Ben identifies numerous subsequent medieval uprisings and social chaos occurred in Europe from financiers exploitation of societies. It was the unique uprising of John’s appointed governors, a political power, that advanced the unprecedented concept of citizens having the Right to govern themselves; feudalism (totalitarian rule) was fractured. Regression is apparent. A similar replay in today’s society would seem to require state bodies, perhaps singular individuals, to lead a revolt.

    Commerce cannot commence without a readily agreeable value of transfer. Devaluation of the means of value exchange condemns a nation to the ash pit of history.

    Do you know of any party that would consider becoming involved in a FOIA suit ?

    This writing is not copyrighted.  Distribution is encouraged.


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