It’s Perfectly Clear, by Robert Gore

A secessionist

Making the vote irrelevant makes secession relevant.

If he gets anything approaching an honest vote count Trump will win in a landslide.

The Corruptocracy,” Robert Gore, October 25, 2020

I stand by my statement. It’s obvious that Trump didn’t get “anything approaching an honest vote count.” One of the better crime scene investigations I’ve seen is “The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot,” by blogger Correia45, and I’ve posted others as well. As the litigation-filled days go by, we’re sure to find out more about the Democrats’ electoral fraud.

I won’t venture a guess as to whether such disclosure and litigation will ultimately lead to awarding Trump the election, but I have my doubts. The corruption runs too deep. If Biden wins, his camarilla will try to explain away the obvious with talk of glitches and anomalies, all of which mysteriously broke their way. They shouldn’t bother; they’ll be fooling no one and it just adds to the rage.

Good often emerges from even the worst situations. The good emerging from this one is that the veil is completely lifted, the election provides transcendent clarity. Many have already peeked under the veil. Those who refuse to grasp what is now appallingly obvious are too dense, deluded or corrupt to be of concern, and should be left to whatever ignominious ends fate has in store for them.

This election has made it made perfectly clear that we live in a corruptocracy. We can’t vote corruptocracy out any more than the people of the Soviet Union could have voted out communism (also a corruptocracy) and for the same reason: the vote itself is fundamentally corrupt. If Trump loses, it clearly discredits the notion embraced by the losers of every election: wait til next time. Next time is likely to be even more corrupt.

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What’s clear to those of us who voted for Trump is if we want to get back what we cherish about America, we’re going to have to fight for it. Freedom is not free, and neither are individual rights, the rule of law, capitalism, peace, or the opportunity to build a better life.

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The Estalishment Relies on its Lies Being More Convincing Than the Truth, by Paul Craig Roberts

Most of Trump’s appointees have been out to destroy him. From Paul Craig Roberts at

Barr, Durham and the rest of the Republican Establishment have sacrificed President Trump and American Democracy in order to preserve the Establishment’s reputation

Dear Readers:  This website is one of the few places on Earth where truth exists.  If you do not support truth, you will be locked in The Matrix and there will be no one to get you out.  If you are aware, you  realize that truth on earth is disappearing faster than the environment and threatened species. The survival of truth depends on your support of those who are committed to truth.

As I predicted in 2016, Trump had no understanding of Washington and no idea of who to appoint.

As I also predicted, Trump was staffed by the Establishment with an Establishment government. Trump thought, based on his experience as boss, that the boss was the boss, but as I learned from my quarter century in  Washington  that is not the way Washington works.

Trump’s Establishment government has destroyed Trump, first by permitting the Russiagate hoax and refusing to hold the perpetuators—who clearly committed federal felonies— accountable.  No indictments for the obvious  felony of misleading the FISA Court, for example, have been forthcoming from the DOJ Establishment figures of Barr and Durham. 

Second, the Trump “Justice” Department permitted the hoax that Trump did what Biden clearly did—bribe the president of Ukraine with US foreign aid. Trump, who made no such bride, was investigated and impeached in the Democrat House for something it was clear he did not do.  In contrast, Vice President Biden, who boasted (you can watch it on video) to the Council on Foreign Relations that he threatened the president of Ukraine with the withholding of billions of US dollars unless he fired the prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt company that was paying Biden’s son a fortune for Biden’s protection, has not been investigated by the DOJ or FBI.

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Market Friday: The Vaccine Race is a Race Against Capital Flight, by Tom Luongo

Russia is attracting capital because of its claimed success in developing a Covid-19 vaccine. From Tom Luongo at

There is no greater story today than the race to get a vaccine for COVID-19 into the hands of as many people as possible. It’s not because the vaccines on order are so effective or that COVID-19 is so deadly.

It is needed because of the perception that COVID-19 is so deadly that a vaccine will provide some form of relief.

That perception is genuine in the minds of those still fearful of the virus.

But that perception is itself a political agenda created to keep enough people fearful of the virus that they will welcome the vaccine. This is simply manufactured demand and it has infected the entire market complex.

This was a race against time to keep the COVID-19 story relevant until they could get a vaccine together to build the next layer of the Great Reset’s foundation.

That’s why perception needed to persist through immense political blackmail engaged in by world leaders and their agents in the media.

This is why now that the election is mostly over, we’ve entered the next phase with endless propagandizing about second waves and huge (and mostly fraudulent) PCR positive test results giving governors cover to issue increasingly strident new lockdown orders in California, New York, Michigan and all over Europe.

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A Hall of Smoke and Mirrors, by James Howard Kunstler

Anybody who claims to know how the election is going to turn out assuredly doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. From James Howard Kunstler at

If the drawn-out election melodrama were a movie, think: Seven Days in May meets Six Days in October meet Burn After Reading. You get a nice serving of treason in high places with a side-dish of Cuban Missile Crisis end-of-the-world existential angst, and for dessert, a comic fiasco of bumbling government depravity as served up by the Coen Brothers. The Democrats, you understand, are the party of chaos, yet President Trump’s attempt to impose order on the scene has the quality of clown car driving to put out a fire.

It’s almost impossible to see through the smoke-and-mirrors of all news media. The captive Left media won’t cover, or even pursue, legitimate news stories that counter its precooked, self-serving narratives, while much of the on the Right seems to emanate from TinFoilHatLand. Fact and emotion corrupt each other until truth itself is cancelled, disgraced, and deplatformed. Meanwhile, authority hides offstage wringing its hands, affecting powerless impartiality.

Case in point: Mr. Barr, the Attorney General, who told the Associated Press on Tuesday, “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” A curious remark, with all the weight of DOJ authority, in a week that featured many broadcast spectacles of sworn testimony of ballot fraud before swing state committees plus videotape of vote-counting irregularities vividly in action. Perhaps Mr. Barr is just stalling so as to not taint whatever case Mr. Trump’s lawyers bring before the Supreme Court. But Mr. Barr must also be implying that his FBI — the investigative arm of his DOJ — suffers epic incompetence, Coen Brothers style, with a tinge of malice. Of course, that state-of-things has been obvious for four years in the long, dirty epic of RussiaGate — another enormous, legitimacy-killing mess that Mr. Barr has appeared reluctant to resolve, even though he anointed US Attorney John Durham a “special prosecutor” this week.  Since his appointment two years ago, Mr. Barr has expressed more than once in formal speeches his keen concern for institutional integrity, yet he appears to be playing games with it at a crucial moment in political history.

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The Blob is Back and It’s Ready for War, by Doug Bandow

Donald Trump didn’t end any of America’s pointless, stupid, and corrupt wars, but he didn’t start any new ones. Biden will not likely repeat that feat. From Doug Bandow at

Joe Biden with his pick for secretary of state, Tony Blinken. (By vasilis asvestas/Shutterstock)

Be very afraid: Joe Biden plans to set the world right. Expect a return to the past. Not so much to Barack Obama, but to Bill Clinton. Biden says America is back, which likely means as sanctimonious nanny wielding a metaphorical AK-47 to enforce its wishes. The ride will be dramatically different, and potentially much worse, than the experience over the last four years.

Of course, we can’t know what the incoming president will do. Unfortunately, based on his writing, as well as that of his nominee for secretary of state, Antony Blinken, and selection for national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, Americans should expect a revival of liberal interventionism. Lots of mindless meddling disconnected from U.S. security, and some activity that makes Americans much less secure.

Biden, who voted for the Iraq invasion, announced his plans with boilerplate platitudes. His appointees, he said, reflect “the fact that America is back, ready to lead the world, not retreat from it, once again sit at the head of the table, ready to confront our adversaries and not reject our allies, ready to stand up for our values.” Other than Donald Trump, what recent president could not have made a similar claim?

Biden’s spring article in Foreign Affairs, the usual establishment venue for candidates to establish their bona fides, was as bad as its cliched title: “Why America Must Lead Again.” He denounced “ill-considered trade wars” and advocated a return to the Iranian nuclear deal, but otherwise spent most of his time promoting failed interventions of the past.

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The Leftist Obsession With Parler Reveals Their Infatuation With Thought Control, by Brandon Smith

The left control every big social and legacy media outle, but they worry that someone, somewhere, might get a nugget of news that’s not officially approved propaganda. From Brandon Smith at

In my recent article ‘Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade’ I outlined the realities behind power structures and how people dominate other people by conditioning them with false assumptions and misplaced fears. For example, many people make themselves easy to control by remaining dependent on governments during crisis events and emergencies; if you actually believe the government will protect you from any and all eventualities then why would you ever learn to protect and provide for yourself? The infantization of a society makes citizens easy to dominate.

Another example would be instilling a fear of “standing out” among one’s peers – Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of being seen as aberrant or in opposition to the “majority” and will seek to fit in, even when they fundamentally disagree. A ruling elite merely need to manufacture the assumption or impression that the “majority” of the population are in agreement with oppressive measures. Even if this is not the case, the perception of a majority can be used to control those people that would otherwise rebel.

Controlling a population is more about thought control or “perception management” than it is about direct force. Power is an illusion, no large group of people can be controlled by force alone; eventually, they will find a way to wear down the totalitarian system and destroy it. So, the people must be tricked into enslaving themselves and each other. The people must police the very prison they are trapped in, otherwise they could simply walk away anytime they wished. It’s the only way a tyranny can survive in the long term.

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Are Americans Rational?

Rationality, when possessed, is possessed by individuals, not groups. Americans, as a group, are certainly not rational. From Dmitry Orlov at

I’ve been holding back on commenting on current events because they are far too silly. At this point it is safe to say that the elections in the US have been thoroughly botched and that, no matter who is ultimately chosen as president for the next for years, enough questions will remain in the minds of enough people to thoroughly delegitimize the national leadership in the eyes of at least half the country.

Just this morning I got a missive from Paul Craig Roberts containing the following bullet points:

• Joe Biden’s Twitter account has 20 million followers. Trump’s Twitter account has 88.8 million followers.

• Joe Biden’s Facebook account has 7.78 million followers. Trump’s Facebook account has 34.72 million followers. How likely is it that a person with four to five times the following of his rival lost the election?

• Joe Biden, declared by the biased presstitutes to be president by landslide, gave a Thanksgiving Day message and only 1,000 people watched his live statement. Where is the enthusiasm?

• Trump’s campaign appearances were heavily attended and that Biden’s were avoided. Somehow a candidate who could not draw supporters to his campaign appearances won the presidency.

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Firm That Conducted ‘Audit’ of Georgia Voting Machines Has Long History With Dominion, by Jeff Carlson

It’s as if the firm auditing a company’s books is the same firm that prepared them. From Jeff Carlson at

The firm hired by Georgia’s secretary of state to conduct an “audit” of Dominion Voting Systems technology used during the 2020 elections is the same one that previously certified the Dominion systems and also approved a last-minute system-wide software change just weeks before the election.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger failed to disclose that the company, Pro V&V, had a preexisting relationship with Dominion that dated back years, in his Nov. 17 statement announcing the results of the audit.

Raffensperger also failed to disclose that Dominion had used technical conclusions from Pro V&V in a pre-election Georgia lawsuit that questioned the reliability of Dominion’s systems during a last-minute software fix before the Nov. 3 election. The testing from Pro V&V had been characterized as “superficial” and “cursory testing” by an expert cited in court documents.

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Trump’s Landslide Meets the Politics of Electoral Fraud in America, by Tony Hall

Sydney Powell’s first concern is with the integrity of the election regardless as she says, of where the chips may fall.  From Tony Hall at

Sidney Powell. Credit: Zooming In with Simone Gao/ YouTube

I want the American public to know right now, we will not be intimidated. American patriots are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government. We are going to take this country back. We will not be intimidated. We are going to clean this mess up right now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who voted for freedom. — Sidney Powell, Washington D.C., 19 November, 2020

Sidney Powell is emerging as a pivotal figure among those sounding the alarm that the United States is forfeiting its claim to be anything like a democratic country subject to the rule of law. Like Rudolf Giuliani, Powell has been a federal prosecutor. Unlike Giuliani, Powell has made one thing abundantly clear. She will not distinguish between members of the Republic Party and Democratic Party in her prosecutorial approach to solving the still-unresolved outcome of the 2020 US election. “My intent,” Powell assets, “has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may—whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.”

Powell’s non-partisan approach to getting at the truth of what actually happened in election 2020 is proving to be infectious. Increasingly individuals are turning up at public demonstrations calling attention to the fraud of this election in ways that promote the need for genuine investigations of a bi-partisan nature. Those seeking investigation more than victory want to see a genuine archaeological dig by forensic experts into the evidentiary morphology of this electoral debacle irrespective of adversarial spins favouring Republicans or Democrats.

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5 Burning Questions About the New Covid Vaccine, by Kit Knightly

Don’t take the vaccine until the questions are answered. From Kit Knightly at

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

The United Kingdom government has today announced its approval of the first Covid19 vaccine for general use. 800,000 doses are slated to be released for general use by the end of the week, and has already signed a contract for 40 million more doses (to go along with over 300 million doses of as-yet-unreleased vaccines from other companies).

With the newest phase in the Covid19 roll-out set to begin, it’s time we addressed the five biggest questions about this vaccine, its effectiveness, its safety and whether or not we’ll be forced to use it.

1. Does it work?

Clearly, the company claims it does, and the UK government seems to believe them. The Guardian, in their coverage of the vaccine, claim it has a 95% efficacy rating, but does not provide a source for this or any kind of data at all.

Fortunately, better journalists and researchers are writing for the British Medical Journal, including this piece from Peter Doshi just last week.

To explain where this “95% effective” claim actually comes from:

The Pfizer vaccine trial included nearly 44,000 people. Half getting their vaccine, half getting a placebo. In total, from the 44,000 people, 170 were later recorded as having become ‘infected with Covid19’. 162 of them were in the placebo group, 8 of them in the vaccine group.

The vaccine is therefore credited with preventing 154 cases of Covid19…or 95%.

You don’t need to be a medical researcher or virologist to see how potentially flawed this reasoning is. The entire trial of 44,000 people is deemed a success based on the potentially multi-variant outcome from less than 4% of those involved.

The details of the trial are hard to come by, so we have yet to find out how these 170 people were even diagnosed with “Covid19”. Was it a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms? Or PCR test? Either method would raise serious questions about accuracy.

In short, the answer to “Does it work?” is “we have no idea.”

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Doug Casey on America’s Ideological Divide and What Comes Next

Governments can make beautiful spring days into dark winters. From Doug Casey at

America’s Ideological Divide

International Man: Throughout his presidential campaign, Joe Biden said that this would be a “dark winter” in the US.

What would a Biden/Harris administration do next?

Doug Casey: When Joe Biden was in his basement, he must’ve watched Game of Thrones again and again. Biden thinks he’s John Snow saying, “Winter is coming.” He’s right about that. But he’s no John Snow.

The government can definitely make it into a dark winter, indeed, so it’s interesting that he said that. The government can create huge economic destruction just by continuing their foolish lockdowns. But, as they say, “we can do more!” Biden wants more regulations. He wants more money printing. He’s said that he wants much higher taxes.

We can expect the economy to get a lot worse. Joe’s prediction about a dark winter is absolutely right from an economic point of view. And, even more important, from a personal freedom point of view. We’re going to have a lot more State control and less personal freedom. The COVID hysteria is a godsend for them.

What will Biden do if and when he’s sworn in? In addition to the things I just mentioned, he’ll try to clamp down on gun ownership. That, however, would likely be the red line. It could really set things off. Especially since something like 75% of Republicans, and even 25% of Democrats, think the election was rigged. It would serve to delegitimize the whole political process.

What will happen if he tries to confiscate people’s guns? Will members of the police and military actually do as they’re told? Most of them will, for lots of reasons, but mainly because they’re paid to do what they’re told, whether they agree with it or not. The chain of command still exists. And no cop wants to lose his job in today’s economic environment.

What will the gun owners do? Will they resist violently? Some will. And then what happens? Gun confiscation could be the spark that lights the flame in this country. That’s especially the case if they make Beto O’Rourke the gun czar.

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