Everybody And Everything Is More Important Than you, by Robert Gore


You will sacrifice and sacrifice until there’s nothing left to sacrifice.

If we’re all responsible to everybody, what’s in it for you? How does it work, exactly? Can you claim anything—your production, property, expression, body, mind, life, or soul—for yourself? If you can’t, if everyone else has first claim to them, what can you claim for yourself? Do you give up everything for our eight billion fellow earth-citizens as they give up everything for you? Do you get one eight-billioneth of what’s nominally everyone else’s? Or is this supposed to be pure sacrifice—give up everything and receive nothing in return? If you give up everything, is there any you left?

It’s best not to think about such questions, they won’t get you anywhere but confused. What you do know is what you’ve been told your entire life: everything you do for others is good; everything you do for yourself is selfish and bad. Just look what happens when everyone pulls together in a cause greater than themselves, like war. Isn’t that a cause greater than yourself, maiming and killing people you don’t know? You must be doing it for the greater good, because you might be maimed or killed by those people you don’t know. Oh, you can’t let yourself think of it that way. Everyone has to pitch in.

Government must be a cause greater than yourself, because you spend several months every year working to pay your taxes. That’s a good chunk of money, and you and millions of other hard-working Americans pay it. People complain a bit, but everybody pays, because it’s necessary to keep the country running and fund all the great things the government does. Like what, exactly? You’re funding those wars, and a lot of money ends up in the pockets of people who are of no discernible benefit to you. A lot of it stays right there in Washington. And even with all the money they take in they are still $31 trillion in the hole. Stop it! You can’t let yourself think of it that way; we’ve got to have government.

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Think what would have happened the last couple of years if we hadn’t had the government. We saw that pull-together spirit, with everyone wearing their masks and getting vaccinated. Well, almost everybody. There were a few people who didn’t wear masks or get vaccinated.

But here’s where things started to break down. Because you know a few antisocial refuseniks and they either didn’t get sick or if they got sick, they took care of themselves, took the medicines they weren’t supposed to take, and got well. And you know people who had both rounds of vaccines and every booster and got sick. And there are those stories, all over the Internet, about apparently healthy people, young people, collapsing, some dying; you’ve seen the videos.

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Scientists Struggle to Explain Why Covid Spared Unjabbed, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Some of the least vaccinated countries in the world also have some of the lowest Covid rates. Oops. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at lewrockwell.com:

The globalist cabal that invented and drove the make-believe COVID narrative is facing growing problems, as holes in the logic just keep getting larger over time. Case in point: The irrational promotion of vaccine equity.1

According to the World Health Organization and other globalist strongholds, the Western world must sponsor vaccine deliveries to developing nations to make sure everyone has an equal chance at survival.2

The problem is that developing nations with the lowest COVID jab uptakes have fared no worse, and in some cases far better, than developing countries that greedily “hoarded” shots and boosters for themselves.

The African Conundrum

According to early predictions, Africa would be decimated by COVID for lack of shots,3 yet the COVID death toll in Africa has remained consistently lower than anywhere else over the past three years. Everyone feigns surprise. No one can figure out why. In August 2020, Science magazine reported:4

“Antibody studies suggest large numbers of infections have occurred but the death toll remains low … After testing more than 3,000 blood donors, Uyoga and colleagues estimated in a preprint5 … that one in 20 Kenyans aged 15 to 64 — or 1.6 million people — has antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, an indication of past infection.

That would put Kenya on a par with Spain in mid-May6 when that country was descending from its coronavirus peak and had 27,000 official COVID-19 deaths. Kenya’s official toll stood at 100 when the study ended. And Kenya’s hospitals are not reporting huge numbers of people with COVID-19 symptoms.”

The situation was still the same in November 2021, when media reported that Africa, where fewer than 6% of people had received a COVID shot, was among the countries least affected by COVID. Researchers theorized that “lower rates of urbanization, genetic reasons or exposure to other diseases may have spared the continent the more lethal effects of the virus.”7

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swedish birthrate data: september update, by el gato malo

As if sperm counts didn’t have enough problem, the vaccines may exacerbate the trend. From elgatomalo at boriquagato.substack.com:

extreme low fertility persists and mRNA vaccines look more and more like the culprit

back in july i started tracking some worrying trends in swedish birth rates. this trend seems to be appearing all over the west/OECD but as i said then, sweden seemed a particularly good test subject because:

  1. they provide good data

  2. it goes back 25 years

  3. they did not engage in much lockdown so that is not a confounding factor to the extent it is in most of the rest of the west

  4. they had a high vaxx rate

there has been quite a lot of speculation about whether the covid vaccines are causing fertility issues and i have been, for some months, assessing two competing theories on the unprecedented drops in birth rate.

i summarized them in an update piece here and will use them verbatim (italic) because i think it’s important to make forward looking, testable hypotheses and then see how you do instead to trying to backfit ideas to data post facto.

this is the real test of a theory.

2 leading theories seem to have emerged:

  1. this is the result of covid vaccine induced sterility/reduced fertility/sperm counts (as has been biologically documented in a number of places)

  2. this is the result of a “summer shift” where the birth rates in 2021 deriving from a sort of “blackout baby” trend due to less travel and more staying home due to 2020 covid fears, lockdowns, and travel restrictions gave way to a “summer of re-opening” and everyone went on vacation instead of trying to get pregnant.

both fit pretty well temporally.

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The WEF isn’t a cabal, it’s a cult. By Mark E. Jeftovic

A totalitarian regime doesn’t keep its supporters in line with perks and power . . . they have to believe! From Mark E. Jeftovic at bombthrower.com:

World Domination in An Age for Lucifer


“This book explores a strange new spirituality about to enter into competition with other established religions. My purpose here is to convince you that its emergence is probable, if not inevitable.

I begin this exploration with an unproven assumption based on Darwinian evolutionary principles: a new predator will appear on our planet, an evolutionary prototype designed to prey on humans. Another assumption then follows: this predator will evolve gradually and incrementally from humanity, just as we apparently evolved from lower forms to prey on them.

A further assumption suggests that these predators have already appeared as evolutionary prototypes, as new humans with advanced methods of survival and new forms of spiritual expression and religious organization designed to support and advance their predation.“

— Robert C Tucker, An Age For Lucifer

Robert C. Tucker was a Canadian psychologist who worked with an organization called COMA – Council On Mind Abuse (not to be confused with his namesake, an American political scientist who covered the Soviet Union and wrote a biography of Stalin).

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A Message From Long View Bay, by Ray Jason

The Sea Gypsy Philosopher reconnects with that part of the past worthy of reconnection—the virtues—in a favorite watery haunt. From Ray Jason at theseagypsyphilosopher.blogspot.com:

When The Darkness shrouds my spirit, I sail off to Long View Bay. I anchor behind a massive reef that hides itself below the surface and silently tames the waves. Because there is a vast expanse of shimmering water surrounding me, it feels like I am floating in the open sea. And yet it is completely calm. This tranquility soothes my soul. This long view sharpens my perception.

There is also powerful symbolism in this place. The dominant feature of our planet is its … wetness. This is what distinguishes us from the innumerable dry and lifeless stars gliding above us. Our Wide Waters are elemental. And so I have come here to ponder things that are … fundamental.

My belief is that the incessant Cacophony of Lunacy that the media bombards us with, is minor compared to the deeper issues that allow this societal dysfunction to occur. Stolen elections, fake pandemics and phony wars to “save democracy,” cannot be solved by elections or laws. That’s because most of the human actions that are evil, are actually caused by the deliberate, incremental destruction of humanity’s moral character.

Core values such as Honesty, Diligence, Fortitude, Kindness and Integrity, that used to define a person’s true worth, have been jettisoned in favor of expedient traits that might provide tawdry fame and tarnished fortune. It is all about “likes” and “clicks” and “re-tweets.” But here at Long View Bay, it is all about the need to restore long-abandoned virtues.

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Doug Casey on the Struggle Between the Powerful Forces of Centralization and Decentralization

This is indeed the struggle of our times, and decentralization is going to win. From Doug Casey at internationalman.com:

Centralization and Decentralization

International Man: We’re seeing several disturbing trends converge: currency debasement, increased surveillance, and more travel restrictions.

It seems governments everywhere—and the WEF elite behind them—are waging an all-out war on ordinary people worldwide.

What do you make of this trend, and where is it headed?

Doug Casey: Well, as I said earlier, the World Economic Forum is actually an informal United Nations, which is bad enough.

It’s populated by people who like the idea of powerful government in general, and a powerful world government in particular. When you look at history, you find that there are people who arise from seemingly nowhere and are able to put themselves in positions of huge influence and power. In today’s world, that usually happens through elections. But Bismarck, Napoleon, Mao, Kissinger, Schwab, Gates, and most others didn’t come up through elections for what they’re worth. They came up through force of personality, cleverness, and connections. Elections are essentially an Americanism.

Incidentally, I don’t believe in elections or “democracy” as means for determining who your boss is and who controls you. Elections have rarely been more than popularity contests at best, and more often, mob rule dressed in a coat and tie. As HL Mencken quipped, an election is just an advance auction on stolen goods. Now, more than ever, they’re just rubber stamps for political operators who are adept at using the media and other forms of influence to get the hoi polloi to robotically legitimize their rulers.

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Everything That’s Wrong With the Mainstream Media and Finance in One Picture, by Nick Giambruno

The real story on Sam Bankman-Fried is the effort being made to excuse his crimes and get him off the hook. From Nick Giambruno at internationalman.com:


It’s hard to recall a more despicable and widespread public-relations effort to transform the image of an obvious villain.

Of course, I’m referring to the mainstream media’s treatment of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

It’s reminiscent of the movie Batman Returns, where a corrupt media tries to polish the image of the repugnant criminal Oswald Cobblepot—better known as the Penguin.

SBF founded FTX in 2019. The company seemed to come out of nowhere to become one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges in mere months.

How did this strange newcomer—who didn’t know much about Bitcoin—suddenly become the so-called “JP Morgan of Crypto?”

Powerful people in finance, the media, and the government all had a hand in FTX’s meteoric rise. So the company was clearly at the nexus of something important—though the whole picture is not exactly clear at this point.

Simply put, FTX was a cesspool.

The company allegedly mishandled customer deposits, was involved in shady activities in Ukraine, sold Bitcoin it didn’t have, and had suspicious connections with prominent politicians and regulators.

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Irreparable Vaccine-induced Harm, by Dr. Charlton Brown

An open letter to New Zealand makes a rational and powerful case against the vaccines. From Dr. Charlton Brown at rwmalonemd.substack.com:

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance and pharmacovigilance data


From Robert Malone:

In my past professional life – probably a decade ago, I had a client named Dr. Charlton Brown. Dr. Brown, at the time, was CEO and co-innovator at Immune Targeting Systems Ltd (UK). I always enjoyed working with Charlton, as we share a certain curiosity for science/knowledge and a dry wit. It turns out, that Charlton has been part of the medical freedom resistance and has been working to get the word out about the risks of mRNA vaccines. Up until his email to me earlier this week, I had no idea.

This isn’t the first time that people from my “former” professional life have emailed me to let me know that they are supportive of what I have been doing. In fact, I had a former colleague from my time at the Salk Institute in the 1980s write to me to express their support for me this week. These emails always lift my spirits as sometimes this seems like a very lonely fight, although the people writing in the comments section of this Substack also let me know that Jill and I are not alone – and this community often saves me from my own dark musings about the state of the world.

I have no idea how many scientists and physicians are quietly, sometimes secretly questioning the public health policies in this country and globally. But I do know that dissidents of the new normal are slowly finding their voice and are speaking out.

Anyway, Dr. Brown emailed me ask if I could share this document with people who might find it useful. As a trained scientist, Dr. Brown has conducted a deep analysis of the mRNA vaccines and origins of the virus and has created an “evidentiary document” (analysis) that is incredibly powerful.

Published below is Dr. Brown’s open letter sent to the prime minister and all ministers in New Zealand. Be sure to click on the link to read and save his full analysis for future reference.

Link to the Open Letter & Evidentiary Document sent to the New Zealand Prime Minister and all Ministers: COVID-19 negative vaccine effectiveness and harm evidence in New Zealand and overseas (Results, Call to Action)

From: Dr. Charlton Brown

Dear: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister, Hon Andrew Little, Minister of Health, Hon Dr. Ayesha Verrall, Minister of COVID-19 Response, and Hon Peeni Henare and Hon Aupito William Sio, Associate Ministers of Health

In this Open Letter and evidentiary document, I share my research results on overseas government and Ministry of Health (MoH) COVID-19 vaccine surveillance and pharmacovigilance data indicating irreparable vaccine-induced harm. Furthermore, I share important evidence that SARS-CoV-2 originated from gain-of-function research, remind you that no evidence exists for an animal-to-human origin, and highlight that its potential source lay beyond Wuhan, China. A series of requests for investigations are made below linked to this evidence, including the statistical biases evident in the Ministry of Health and other healthcare agencies’ calculable unvaccinated COVID-19 case rates. These biases essentially eliminated the negative vaccine effectiveness harm signal from ready public view. This evidentiary document is provided by a former European corporate venture capital-funded CEO/vaccine innovator (“Vaccines for Mutating Viruses”), veterinarian with 36 years of vaccine use experience, and a private researcher. It is supported by 525 unique data, scientific, and other citations.

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Has the Counter Revolution Arrived in the US? By Tom Luongo

Washington has been outsmarted by Vladimir Putin every step of the way. The drone strike on a strategic air base inside of Russia is a moronic crossing of a clear Russian red line. The inevitable response will be devastating, at the time, place, and manner chosen by Russia. Is America tiring of its leaders’ idiocy? From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

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Media Declining To Report On Major News Story Unsure Why Americans Going To Alternative Sources For News

From The Babylon Bee:

Article Image

NEW YORK, NY – Several media leaders who have declined to report on major news stories damaging to the Democratic Party gathered in New York to express concern, frustration, and puzzlement over Americans increasingly going to alternative sources for news.

“I’m not sure what’s going on,” said MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, speaking at the private weekend meeting. “If I decline to cover something, you just have to trust me that I’m doing that for your own good. You don’t need to go to Twitter, Substack, or Facebook to find out for yourself. It’s concerning.”

Other media anchors, columnists, and journalists echoed Hayes’ sentiment. “The Hunter Biden story stunk to high heaven,” said a leading Washington Post columnist who chooses to remain anonymous. “So I ignored it. Now, maybe it turns out the laptop was real. But that’s something for a journalist to decide months or years later, not for ordinary Americans to look into at the time.”

Several media experts have expressed concern about the implications of Americans going to alternative sources for news. “Dangerous things can happen if we keep heading down this path,” said Zuri Waldorf, a media studies professor at Harvard. “People might begin to question media narratives. Some might even develop original thoughts. It’s frightening.”

Several attendees at the media summit proposed solutions to the problem of Americans getting their news outside of CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, such as banning Twitter or amending the First Amendment to only include trusted journalistic sources chosen by the Democratic Party.

At publishing time, the gathered journalists went on to express their concerns on Twitter.


Necessary Illusions – Even the narrative of the EU as a geo-strategic player has now burst, by Alasdair Crooke

The EU’s downhill roll accelerates. From Alasdair Crooke at strategic-culture.org:

Europe is destined to become an economic backwater. It has ‘lost’ Russia — and soon China. And is finding it has lost its standing in the world, too, Alastair Crooke writes.

Something odd is afoot in Europe. Britain recently has been ‘regime washed’, with a strongly pro-EU Finance Minister (Hunt) paving the passage to an election-free premiership by ‘globalist’ Rishi Sunak. Why so? Well, to impose swingeing cuts to public services, to normalise immigration running at 500,000 per annum and to raise taxes to the highest levels since the 1940s. And to open channels about a new relationship deal with Brussels.

A British Tory Party is content to do that? Slash social support and hike taxes into an already existent worldwide recession? On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to make sense. Shades of Greece 2008? Greek austerity for Britain — are we missing something? Is this setting the scene for the Remainer Establishment to point to an economy in crisis (blamed on Brexit failure), and to say there is no alternative (TINA) but a return to the EU in some form, (British ‘cap in hand’, and with head bowed)?

Simply put, forces behind the scenes seem to want the UK to resume its former role as US plenipotentiary inside Brussels — pushing the US primacy agenda (as Europe sinks into self-doubt).

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