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The ‘New’ American Mercenary: A Pocket History, by Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)

The story concerning America’s mercenaries are like a rock in muck that nobody wants to look under for fear of what might come scuttling out. From Major Danny Sjursen at

Though the bizarre story has been subsumed by other events, last month’s aborted invasion of Venezuela should’ve hardly shocked anyone. The United States has long used mercenaries to do its bidding. They have provided Washington distance and deniability for unsavory operations. During the Cold War, the U.S. hoped this would limit domestic and international protest. Policymakers also discerned mercenary alternatives to bloody, expensive quagmires like the Vietnam or Iraq Wars. Traditionally, most of these hired guns were foreigners – ex-soldiers of declining European empires.

Much of this parallels the latest Venezuelan affair. However, American mercenaries and the system that produced them, are relatively new. The stillborn coup exposed the blurred line between what’s private and public in modern US warfare. Past and present evidence suggest the phenomenon is here to stay and set to increase.

There is now little doubt that the Trump administration had foreknowledge of the incursion. It may even have played some part. If America’s regionalhistory is any indicator, it probably did. Washington has long soughtPresident Nicolas Maduro’s overthrow, and recently put a literal bounty on his head. Furthermore, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo all but admitted some role when he announced that the US had “no direct involvement.”

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No New Normal

Why the Obama intelligence assessment on Russia collusion is under investigation, by John Solomon

There was a criminal conspiracy to depose the president, and it’s now clear who the conspirators were. The main unanswered question is whether or not any of them will see the inside of a courtroom or a prison. From John Solomon at

John Durham, the special prosecutor, is examining the Intelligence Community Assessment as evidence that conflicts with one of its key conclusions keeps mounting.

recently declassified annex to the Obama administration’s intelligence report on Russian election interference took great pains to make clear it did not use Christopher Steele’s deeply flawed dossier to make any assessments about Moscow’s intentions.

The Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) found Steele’s evidence “highly politically sensitive” and minimally corroborated and thus not worthy of including in its analysis of Russian election interference, the annex stated.

“We have only limited corroboration of the source reporting in this case and did not use it to reach the analytic conclusions of the CIA/FBI/NSA assessment,” the memo added.

In retrospect, the exclusion of the Steele dossier in assessing Russian intentions may have been a consequential mistake, since evidence emerged just two weeks after the assessment was made public in early January 2017 that directly conflicted with one of the ICA’s key conclusions.

The outgoing Obama administration’s intelligence community leaders — FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, NSA Director Mike Rogers and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper — declared on July 5, 2017 that Moscow was specifically trying to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election and to defeat Hillary Clinton.

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SLL on vacation. No posting June 12-14.

There will be no posting on SLL Friday, June 12 through Sunday, June 14. Posting will resume Monday, June 15.

Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll, by Jeff Thomas

A lot of Americans, particularly the Baby Boomers, have trouble recognizing the limits imposed by reality. From Jeff Thomas at

Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll
The baby-boomer generation were perhaps the most privileged generation that the US has ever spawned.

Their fathers returned from World War II, eager to get married, buy a house and start a family. The economy was booming, as, during the early years of the war, the US wisely stayed out, but provided tanks, helmets and even toothbrushes to those who were directly involved in the fray.

What’s more, they didn’t accept pound notes or francs; they accepted only gold. So, at the end of the war, when the manufacturing cities of Europe had been destroyed by bombs, the male populations decimated and the governments broke, the US was on a roll. They had most of the world’s gold and had first-rate manufacturing facilities that only had to switch from making jeeps and rifles to making cars and televisions.

That wave of wealth allowed the young married couples to spoil their children with whatever they wanted.

The boomer generation reached their teens in the 1960s, and having grown accustomed to receiving whatever they wanted in life, they were young adults and wanted to party. The phrase, “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” was coined and it was an apt one. Young Americans opted for plenty of all three.

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New App Automatically Updates Your Profiles With The Latest Virtue Signals, from The Babylon Bee

SAN JOSE, CA—The tech wizards at Capo Creative are launching a new app that will help users stay abreast of the latest trends in virtue-signaling—it’s called Signlr. Algorithms within Signlr analyze virtue signal trends across the Internet and, as soon as a new one is detected, update all your social media to fit the current narrative. Not only will your avatar be replaced with whatever flavor-of-the-day icon for social justice people are replacing their faces with in order to not be shamed and doxxed by the ever-rabid online mob, but Signlr will also update your profile status and post regularly using socially acceptable bandwagon language that will show everyone you are all-in on whatever the latest thing is.

Beta testers have been extremely happy with Signlr’s performance. “I honestly have just been playing a lot of Fortnite, but I checked my social media, and Signlr had me covered. It changed my avatar, retweeted some woke celebrities, used all the right hashtags, and even auto-generated some socially conscious slam poetry to let people know I really meant it and was totally on board with whatever it was that they were all going on about,” said Signlr beta-tester Ezra Fenwick.

“My profile has entire rants auto-generated by Signlr’s outrage generator,” said another beta-tester. “I even got retweeted by Shaun King.”

“We at Signlr agree with the current belief that silence is violence,” said Signlr developer Marchonne Winston. “There is nothing more important than to blurt out your support for the leading virtue signal trends. Anything else—like thinking, hesitating, or trying to make caveats—is violence. With our app, you don’t have to think or even pay attention.”

She added, “You know you’re a good person, but letting the world know that is a lot of work—until now.”

Operation Occupy White House Enters Final Act, by Tom Luongo

They’ve thrown everything they’ve got at the wall to get rid of Donald Trump, and so far nothing’s stuck. Covid-19 and the George Floyd riots are the latest failures. From Tom Luongo at

On any given day I vacillate between thinking The Davos Crowd is in desperation mode or believes they’ve got this and can ride the chaos unleashed to their preferred future.

And, sadly, men like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are the ones picked to help us stop them. The White House has been a target since they lost control of it in November 2016.

Brexit has been attacked mercilessly since the June 2016 vote. The acceleration of the populist revolt against this future has, in turn, accelerated their plans to cancel national sovereignty, square the circles of projects like the European Union and activate their shock troops to openly attack the foundations of society.

We’ve all been breathlessly watching this on our iPhones for the past week.

Starting with the operation to lock people in their homes over a cold, they then denied the effectiveness of a cure which was easily found through research into SARS.

The cure was immediately politicized and marginalized by a now retracted study to radicalize people who weren’t thinking clearly.

Their hatred for Donald Trump was so all-consuming they wanted to believe the discredited Lancet Study without actually reading it or asking basic questions like why would people in power be so against a potential cure?

The social distancing, lock downs and mask-wearing short circuited people’s sanity and put them into hyper-emotional states, making them susceptible to a much more insidious virus, that of the mind.

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Do We Need The State? by Doug Casey

Most of us, given the choice, want to live in peace and freedom with other people. Most of us don’t need the state. What to do with the sociopaths and psychopaths who want to control other people remains problematic. From Doug Casey at

Rousseau was perhaps the first to popularize the fiction now taught in civics classes about how government was created. It holds that men sat down together and rationally thought out the concept of government as a solution to problems that confronted them. The government of the United States was, however, the first to be formed in any way remotely like Rousseau’s ideal. Even then, it had far from universal support from the three million colonials whom it claimed to represent. The U.S. government, after all, grew out of an illegal conspiracy to overthrow and replace the existing government.

There’s no question that the result was, by an order of magnitude, the best blueprint for a government that had yet been conceived. Most of America’s Founding Fathers believed the main purpose of government was to protect its subjects from the initiation of violence from any source; government itself prominently included. That made the U.S. government almost unique in history. And it was that concept – not natural resources, the ethnic composition of American immigrants, or luck – that turned America into the paragon it became.

The origin of government itself, however, was nothing like Rousseau’s fable or the origin of the United States Constitution. The most realistic scenario for the origin of government is a roving group of bandits deciding that life would be easier if they settled down in a particular locale, and simply taxing the residents for a fixed percentage (rather like “protection money”) instead of periodically sweeping through and carrying off all they could get away with. It’s no accident that the ruling classes everywhere have martial backgrounds. Royalty are really nothing more than successful marauders who have buried the origins of their wealth in romance.

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Reopen . . . and Reject, by Eric Peters

Businesses on lockdown can’t pay government extortion. From Eric Peters at

People who own small businesses put up with government edicts pre-Corona because on the whole it was worth it.

They complied with the onerous regulations.

They paid the taxes, including the taxes styled “business licenses” – i.e., the extortion called by a more benign-sounding euphemism, to make it go down easier.

But it amounts to the same thing. A worse thing, actually – because it is done by the entity that is supposed to protect honest people from being shaken down. Which means there’s no protection from being shaken down.

The owner of a gym or restaurant or hair salon is told they must pay out a large sum of money in order to avoid being shut down by goons with guns. How this differs from what Don Corleone does is a hard thing to discern. Except for the difference that the government’s shakedown is “legal” – and euphemized

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Consequences: The Cure Is Worse Than the Disease (23)

This will be the last one of this series. By now it’s obvious the coronavirus, while deadly, is nowhere near as lethal as advertised. The response to it has been lethal to our freedom and economy, and while that’s being downplayed, the effects will be long lasting and severe, much more so than the coronavirus. In other words, the cure will be indisputably worse than the disease. The final listing:

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Indian Cops Use Metal Tool To Grab Social Distancing Dissidents | Zero Hedge

Seattle Cop Prepares To Be Fired After Refusing To Remove Viral Video Reminding Officers Not To Obey ‘Tyrannical Orders’ | Zero Hedge

YouTube CEO Admits Users Don’t Like Boosting Of “Authoritative” Mainstream Channels, But They Do It Anyway | Zero Hedge

Fiscal Disaster: US April Deficit Hits Record $738BN As Government Spends $1 Trillion In One Month | Zero Hedge

SocGen Reportedly Ends Commodity-Financing Biz After $240 Million Loss In Asian Oil-Trading Giant Bankruptcy | Zero Hedge

Lawsuit: Kansas county orders businesses to track customers | The Kansas City Star

American Weapons Manufacturers Are Thriving Even as the US Economy Suffers

Ag Nightmare Could Result In “Corn Mountain” As Prices Collapse | Zero Hedge

World’s Largest Shipper Warns Of Collapsing Volumes, Dashes Hope For V-Shaped Recovery | Zero Hedge

A Third Of Americans Will Remain In Quarantine Even If Instructed To Get Back To Normal Life And Work | Zero Hedge

“Worse Than 2008” – American Pension Funds Report Record Losses In Q1 | Zero Hedge

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WA Governor To Residents: COVID-Test-Deniers Will Not Be Allowed To Leave Home To Get Groceries | Zero Hedge

Spending and Deficit Set All-Time Records: Feds Spent $3.3 Trillion Through April While Running $1.48 Trillion Deficit | CNSNews

Wave of COVID-19 bankruptcies poses next threat to US economy

Your Boss Is Watching You: Work-From-Home Boom Leads To More Surveillance : NPR

Manhattan Faces a Reckoning if Working From Home Becomes the Norm – DNyuz

Fear, Isolation, Depression: The Mental Health Fallout of a Worldwide Pandemic | The Pew Charitable Trusts

Alcohol and drug use rise amid COVID-19 crisis, survey shows | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Unicef warns lockdown could kill more than Covid-19 as model predicts 1.2 million child deaths

Nationwide Lockdown Sparks Plunge In Local Govt Tax Revenues; Cuts In Services Strike As Demand Soars | Zero Hedge

Lockdown-Defying Speakeasies Cropping Up Across Manhattan | Zero Hedge

The Real Killer Is COVID-Lockdown-Driven Unemployment | Zero Hedge

Hertz Cancels 90% Of New Car Purchases, Further Pressuring Already Desperate Automakers | Zero Hedge

Nearly 40% of low-income workers lost their jobs in March – CNN

Thousands of Pigs Rot in Compost as U.S. Faces Meat Shortage

Private jet company founded by Trump donor gets $27 million bailout

Company tied to Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale gets PPP loan – CBS News

China Has Jailed Hundreds Of People For Questioning Official COVID-19 Narrative, Report | Zero Hedge

Economic Virus Shock Crushes America’s Working Poor, Fed Finds | Zero Hedge

1 Million Students At California Universities To Stay Home Next Fall As Campuses Go ‘Online Only’ | Zero Hedge

JC Penney Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy | Zero Hedge

US Oil Rig Count Crashes To 11-Year Lows: “There’s A Double Risk On The Horizon” | Zero Hedge

The Perpetual Crisis: Now The WHO Is Telling Us That COVID-19 “May Never Go Away” | Zero Hedge

Job Openings Plunge Most On Record Amid Mass Layoffs, Plunge In Hiring | Zero Hedge

US Industrial Production Plunges By Most In Over 100 Years | Zero Hedge

Sabo Street Art Calls Out California, L.A. Coronavirus Lockdown Overreach

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People flock to NYC-area bars, beaches as ‘quarantine fatigue’ intensifies

Democratic governors hit with flurry of legal challenges to coronavirus lockdowns – POLITICO

Navajo Nation residents to be under strictest lockdown yet

Stores Stress Over How to Handle a Customer Who Won’t Wear a Mask – WSJ

Fury in Germany with thousands protest across country over lockdown measures | Daily Mail Online

‘Tidal Wave’ Of Delinquent Mortgages Set To Surpass Great Recession | Zero Hedge

State Lockdowns Are Creating a Mental Health Disaster | Mises Wire

Big Tech Is Turning Hospitals Into Real-Time Surveillance Centers | Zero Hedge

Veterans Affairs Police Buy Riot Gear, Citing COVID-19 Pandemic | Zero Hedge

Bars And Restaurants Allowed To Reopen If They Agree To Snitch On Customers | Zero Hedge

Over 4 million Americans are now skipping their mortgage payments – MarketWatch

Bill de Blasio says anyone who tries to swim at a NYC beach will be ‘taken right out of the water’ and fences may go up – The US Sun

COVID-19 data sharing with law enforcement sparks concern

French Children Confined to Dystopian ‘Play Squares’ as Schools Reopen

25% Of US Restaurants Will Never Reopen: Opentable