He Said That? 4/10/15

From Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, referring to the recently negotiated nuclear framework:

Everything done so far neither guarantees an agreement in principle nor its contents, nor does it guarantee that the negotiations will continue to the end.

The whole problem comes now that the details should be discussed, because the other side is stubborn, difficult to deal with, breaks promises and is a backstabber.

The Wall Street Journal, “Ayatollah Blasts Accord Terms, 4/10/15

Other than the “other side’s” minor flaws, though, everything is peachy. Actually, it’s not, because there is a gap a mile wide between the verification the US-led side envisions and what the Iranians are prepared to accept. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei apparently doesn’t trust Obama and Kerry very much. They probably told him that if he liked his nuclear program, he could keep his nuclear program.

2 responses to “He Said That? 4/10/15

  1. After I read the above, I found this which, if true, provides some background about Iran’s “trust” of the US.


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