She Said That? 10/29/15

Every day Margaret Griffis at publishes a running tally of the people killed in Iraq. She is impartial, listing violent deaths inflicted by all parties. SLL is publishing this list to show how routine violence is in this land that had been supposedly conquered and pacified by the US. Seventeen were tortured to death, suicide bombers killed 10, the body of a director of a blood bank was discovered with knife wounds, and so on. Imagine if 64 people in the US were killed in one day in the ways listed in this account. Somebody would declare of state of emergency. However, there is nothing unusual about the tally for yesterday; some days the number killed is higher, some days it’s lower. From Margaret Griffis:

Despite many assurances to the contrary from U.S. leaders, U.S. troops are already “in combat” in Iraq, according to U.S. spokesperson Col. Steve Warren.

At least 64 were killed and 25 were wounded, but the numbers could be much higher if reports over the capture of dozens of Peshmerga are true.

There are unofficial reports concerning about 30 to 40 Peshmerga who were captured by militants near Mala Abdulluh. If true, most of the troops were wounded before capture, and some were already executed.

In Mosul, 17 people were tortured to death, including civilians.

Four suicide bombers struck in Abbasiya, killing 10 security personnel.

In Thar Thar, clashes left six security members dead.

Clashes in Fat’ha left one security member dead and five wounded. Five militants were also killed.

One civilian was killed and seven more were wounded by a blast in Taji.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed one civilian and wounded six more.

One security member was killed and three were wounded in a blast in Abu Ghraib.

The body of the director of the blood bank at Sadr General Hospital was discovered with knife wounds in Sadr City.

A dumped body was discovered in Madaen.

A mortar attack on Speicher Base left three policemen with injuries.

Airstrikes killed 14 militants in Fallujah.

In Tel al-Dhahab, a strike killed two militant leaders and wounded an aide.

Just another ho-hum day in Iraq.

One response to “She Said That? 10/29/15

  1. The US is, and has been, in a constant state of emergency since 9/11. That’s part of the plan.


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