Russophobia: From Paranoia to Lies, From War Games to War? by Rodney Atkinson

Russia is not the enemy; Islamic extremism is, and the US, Russia, and Europe could be making common cause against it. From Rodney Atkinson at

The recent reports of the mainstream press on international affairs make an impression of being written by a paranoid individual. They see the same enemy behind every unpleasant development.

David Cameron fails with his Remain campaign during the Brexit referendum, so who is to blame? The mainstream media presents Putin as the main beneficiary of the No vote. Hillary Clinton has problems with her campaign, for the first time in many years the “designated” candidate of the elite may lose the US election. Horrible! But who is to blame? Putin.

Before leaving his office, Cameron is mostly concerned by his expectations that the British No to the EU would make Putin happy. Hillary brushes off the accusations that the Democratic party gave Bernie Sanders no chances of winning “her” nomination. Instead, she is concerned by the Russian “hackers” and calls Russia “a foreign, adversarial power.” No one notices that Putin actually never mentioned the words “Bernie Sanders” and “Brexit” in his speeches.

Ukraine saboteurs are caught in Crimea, with explosives on their hands, – but the press of the US and the EU is not asking itself any questions about its support for the nationalist regime in Kiev. Instead, it is asking the same old question: what is Putin up to?

It is as if the British press would question itself about the intentions of the Czech president Edvard Benes, when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938. Hitler also “suspected” the Czechs of “showing aggressive intentions.” The British press did not believe Hitler then, but it believes the Ukrainian government now, even though president Poroshenko keeps talking about a possible “Putin’s invasion,” while trying to provoke Russia in every possible way, from banning hundreds of Russian books and films in Ukraine to erecting statues to anti-Russian figures of Ukrainian history.

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