They Said That? 4/6/17

Some quotes from the past:

In the next century, the community of nations may see more and more of the very kind of threat Iraq poses now – a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction, ready to use them or provide them to terrorists, drug traffickers, or organized criminals who travel the world among us unnoticed. If we fail to respond today, Saddam, and all those who would follow in his footsteps, will be emboldened tomorrow by the knowledge that they can act with impunity, even in the face of a clear message from the United Nations Security Council, and clear evidence of a weapons of mass destruction program.

President Bill Clinton – Remarks at the Pentagon , February 17, 1998.

In Iraq, a dictator is building and hiding weapons that could enable him to dominate the Middle East and intimidate the civilized world — and we will not allow it.”

President George W. Bush addressing the AEI, Washington Hilton Hotel, February 26, 2003

There is no question that Iraq possesses biological and chemical weapons and that he seeks to acquire additional weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons. That is not in debate. I also agree with President Bush that Saddam Hussein is a threat to peace and must be disarmed, to quote President Bush directly.

Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) – Congressional Record , October 8, 2002.

Remember, Peter, this is a man who has used poison gas on his own people and on his neighbors repeatedly. He’s trying to get ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons. He could be a mass murderer of the first order of magnitude. We are not going to allow that to happen.

Vice President Al Gore – ABC News’ “Special Report,” December 16, 1998.

According to the CIA’s report, all U.S. intelligence experts agree that Iraq is seeking nuclear weapons. There is little question that Saddam Hussein wants to develop nuclear weapons.”

Senator John Kerry – Congressional Record, October 9, 2002.

We must eliminate that [potential nuclear] threat now before it is too late. But that isn’t just a future threat. Saddam’s existing biological and chemical weapons capabilities pose real threats to America today, tomorrow. … [He] is working to develop delivery systems like missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles that could bring these deadly weapons against U.S. forces and U.S. facilities in the Middle East. He could make these weapons available to many terrorist groups, third parties, which have contact with his government. Those groups, in turn, could bring those weapons into the United States and unleash a devastating attack against our citizens. I fear that greatly.

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) – Congressional Record, October 10, 2002.

[It] is Hussein’s vigorous pursuit of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, and his present and potential future support for terrorist acts and organizations, that make him a terrible danger to the people to the United States.

Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Congressional Record, October 10, 2002.

We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction. But information from the intelligence community over the past six months does not point to Iraq as an imminent threat to the United States or a major proliferator of weapons of mass destruction.” –

Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), Remarks at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, October 27, 2002.

It is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong.

George W. Bush . Transcript of Bush speech. CNN (December 20, 2005).

No one was more surprised than I that we didn’t find (WMD’s).

General Tommy Franks . Transcript: An ‘American Soldier’. Fox News (December 5, 2005


3 responses to “They Said That? 4/6/17

  1. “It is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong.

    George W. Bush . Transcript of Bush speech. CNN (December 20, 2005).”
    I wonder how long it will take Trump to fully comprehend the above.


  2. He may already comprehend, but they’re trying to back him into a corner.


    • It could be that Scott Adams, even though his speculation about the response has been overtaken by events, is still correct in essence: a fake response. As one of the commenters over at BP put it: We did a fireworks show in response to “chemical attacks”. Or it could be that Trump has found the horse head in his bed. In that case, well . . . Have A Nice War!


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