Come Melania’s heels or high water, ‘stupid news’ rules the media, by David E. Weisberg

It’s good to see the mainstream media’s focused on the important things. And they disparage the alternative media as not being “serious”! From David E. Weisberg at

Come Melania's heels or high water, 'stupid news' rules the media
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Tropical Storm Harvey has by now flooded the Houston area with over four feet of rain, causing the deaths of more than 30 people, forcing more than 30,000 residents to flee their homes, and destroying property worth many tens of billions of dollars.

Given the biblical proportions of the deluge, one would think that journalists would be hard-pressed to choose among an over-abundance of gripping and newsworthy stories. The New York Times and the Washington Post, two pillars of the journalistic establishment, have both identified one such story: the height of Melania Trump’s heels.

I am not making this up; I couldn’t if I tried. Both newspapers recently featured stories focusing on the height of the heels the first lady was wearing when she boarded a helicopter to take her and the president to Air Force One, which would then fly them from Washington to Texas.

When she exited the plane in Texas, Trump was wearing sneakers, but that fact apparently did not diminish the newsworthiness — at least in the minds of the reporters and editors of those two august newspapers — of the heels she had worn earlier that day.

We’ve encountered the phrase “fake news” quite often over the last year. There was, however, nothing fake about the stories that were published in the New York Times and the Washington Post: Trump was in fact wearing high heels. In that sense, the stories were genuine rather than fake.

So, perhaps we need a new phrase. I would suggest “stupid news,” meaning that, even if the story is factually accurate, you would have to be stupid to think it was worth reporting.

Just what is going on here? So-called mainstream news outlets are so determined to damage the image and reputation of the president and anyone associated with him that they will publish anything — literally anything — that, in the minds of their news and editorial leaders, might help to achieve that end.

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2 responses to “Come Melania’s heels or high water, ‘stupid news’ rules the media, by David E. Weisberg

  1. Below are two articles (some overlap) of the Vogue fashion editor who criticized melania trump of wearing high heals.

    Now knowing the source, we should probably consider ourselves safe from any sartorial snobbery.


    • What proportion of the sniping at Donald and Melania come from men who are secretly jealous of Trump and women who are secretly jealous of Melania? We’ll never know the answer, but I would wager it’s pretty high.


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