American Jackboot Diplomacy, by Finian Cunningham

Finian Cunningham may have coined a phrase: “jackboot diplomacy.” For that reason alone this article might have been postable, but it’s also a good article. From Cunningham at


The latest extraordinary roughshod violation of Russian diplomatic rights by the American authorities shows that the US doesn’t want to restore normal bilateral relations. Indeed, it has now resorted publicly to jackboot diplomacy.

The rapid ordering of Russia to vacate three of its diplomatic properties – in a matter of hours – amid reported threats from the American authorities that they would smash down entrance doors if the orders were not complied with, shows a reckless disregard for Russia’s sovereign rights. Not just Russia’s sovereign rights, but the rights of all nations, as far as America is concerned.

There were also reports that US secret service agents conducted inspections of the properties while Russian officials were deprived access to the building. Such conduct marks not only provocative contempt for Russian authorities, it also raises concerns that US agents were attempting to plant incriminating evidence which might be subsequently “uncovered” by the ongoing probes into alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election last year.

What’s more, the manhandling of Russian diplomatic rights came on the personal orders from President Donald Trump, according to press reports. Previously, Trump had stated his desire to restore normal bilateral relations with Russia. One has to conclude that the latest breach of Russian sovereignty is a blunt sign that American official policy is now fully aligned in an antagonistic agenda toward Moscow.

The collective American amnesia is astounding. The shuttering of the three Russian properties in San Francisco, New York and Washington was presented by the US State Department and US media as a “retaliation” for Russia’s expulsion of some 455 American diplomats in July.

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One response to “American Jackboot Diplomacy, by Finian Cunningham

  1. The writing is obviously from a Russia advocate, neglecting the Ukrainian complaints against Russian meddling in their country.

    However, the Jackboot Diplomacy by US is obvious:

    1. How could the US planned for a Nuclear Attack on a non-nuclear N Korea during the 1990 crisis (Nuclear bombs were ready from the Naval task force). <<– Can someone refute this story?

    2. How could the US demanded American inspection of Hussein's Presidential Palace and US arrogant dismissal of UN conclusions on its finding on the fake WMD?

    N Korea's Kim Jong Un has wised up to American Jackboot diplomacy. The present risk to a nuclear WW3 is caused mostly by US Jackboot Diplomacy.


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