Climate Science? from The Burning Platform


2 responses to “Climate Science? from The Burning Platform

  1. This is just silly. What’s being predicted is the average temperature, not the temperature on a specific day and time.


  2. Every prediction made by the 100+ computer climate models have been wrong. Every. Single. One. Wrong.
    Predictions of warming temps- wrong- there has bern zero ” global warming” for the past 15+ years.
    There is no 97% consrnsus- that lie was debunked years ago.
    CO2 levels do not correlate with or cause higher temps.
    Hurricanes and tornadoes are not becoming more frequent or more severe- the last major hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. prior to Harvey was 15 years ago.
    Polar bears are not going extinct- their numbers have been increasing for 15+ years now.
    Harvey and Irma were not caused by global warming/ climate change.
    The arctic is not ice free.
    It still snows in winter.
    Al Gore is a fraud.
    Climate change does happen- it’s been happening since the earth was formed.
    It’s been warmer in the past and CO2 levels have been higher in the past- but not at same time. The two are not related.
    The climate was both warmer and colder before humans existed- humans are not the cause of all changes in climate-and may not be the reason for any climate change.


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