Doug Casey on the Paradise Papers

If you had a lot of money, why wouldn’t you move as much as you could to lower tax jurisdictions? Are you supposed to give it all to the gangs masquerading as governments? From Doug Casey at

Justin’s note: People are outraged over the Paradise Papers.

The Paradise Papers are a collection of more than 13 million confidential documents. They relate to offshore investments.

Someone stole these documents from Appleby, a law firm based in Bermuda, and leaked them to the press.

But that’s not why people are upset. Instead, they’re mad that rich people are using offshore accounts to pay less taxes.

It’s completely ridiculous. So, to make sense of this, I called Doug Casey…

Justin: Doug, what do you make of all this hysteria surrounding the Paradise Papers? Should the public be upset, or even surprised, that rich people are trying to reduce their tax burden?

Doug: It’s a sign of the times for several reasons. And none of them are good. It’s a sign of terminal moral sickness.

First, the mob is howling about the fact that rich people would dare to get their money offshore to jurisdictions where the taxes are lower. The cancer of envy is very advanced in the Western body politic. Envy is different from, and much worse than jealousy. Jealousy says: “You have something I want. If I can’t get my own, maybe I’ll take yours.” Envy says: “The very fact you have something I want, but don’t think I’ll ever get, makes me hate you. I’ll destroy both you and the object if I can.”

Number two, it shows the average person now resents rich people for having a modicum of privacy in today’s world. Privacy is a signature of civilization—there is no privacy in primitive societies, where everyone can see and hear what’s going on in the next hut. Today the average guy intuits that Google, the NSA, Facebook, and a hundred other entities, including his new “smart” refrigerator, know everything about him. He resents that some people don’t want to be an open book to the world, and can avoid it.

And finally, there’s no outrage about the fact that these papers were stolen from a law firm. Nobody is even acknowledging that an actual crime was committed. Nobody cares about the thieves being punished. Instead, they’re on an envy-driven witch hunt against the victims.

There’s no outrage at all, except against the victims, which is very disturbing. It’s yet another sign that one of the central values of Western civilization is going under.

To continue reading: Doug Casey on the Paradise Papers


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