US And Israel Form “Working Group” To Overthrow Iran Government, by Tyler Durden

Like his predecessors, it appears Trump wants into the regime-change business. It won’t work any better for him than it did for his predecessors. From Tyler Durden at

When economic protests quickly turned into widespread anti-regime protests engulfing some 75 mostly provincial cities and towns across Iran in late December and into January, we took note of the State Department’s brazen pro-revolutionary rhetoric calling for “elements inside of Iran” to lead a “transition of government”  in spokesperson Heather Nauert’s own words (echoing prior statements by then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson).

We posed the question then, and raised it again with renewed unrest in Tehran and the southern city of Khorrmashahr over this past week: are we witnessing regime change agents hijacking economic protests?

Indeed a high level joint US-Israeli “working group” has been meeting for months with just this goal in mind as Axios confirms in a bombshell new report: “Israel and the United States formed a joint working group a few months ago that is focused on internal efforts to encourage protests within Iran and pressure the country’s government.”

Image of Iranian paramilitary dissident group (MEK) leader Maryam Rajavi, via NCR-Iran.

Israeli journalist Barak Ravid reports for Axios that, “Two Israeli officials told me the team was formed as a part of the U.S.-Israeli framework document on countering Iran,” noting the team has met “several times during the last few months” and it has oversight by none other than John “Bomb Iran” Bolton and his Israeli counterpart Meir Ben-Shabbat.

With the 2015 Obama-brokered JCPOA now in tatters after the US pullout, and with the Assad government emerging victorious after a seven year proxy war largely aimed by Western allies at rolling back Iranian influence in the Levant, it appears the White House stands ready to bring the Syria model of covert destabilization to Syria. 

Ravid continues:

The Israeli officials told me that both the domestic situation in Iran and the work of the joint team were discussed during a meeting between national security adviser John Bolton and his Israeli counterpart Meir Ben-Shabbat at the White House several weeks ago. Both Bolton and Ben-Shabbat think that raising internal pressure on the Iranian regime might have a positive influence on Iranian regional behavior.

To continue reading: US And Israel Form “Working Group” To Overthrow Iran Government


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