Useful Quotes in Defense of Vaccine Skepticism, by Gary G. Kohls, MD

Sometimes all you need is an on point quote, not an entire article, to make your argument as to why you’re a vaccine skeptic. From Gary G. Kohls, MD at

“The number of ‘cases’ in turn is dependent on the numbers of ‘positive’ PCR tests. You may have seen the term ‘casedemic’ being used to describe the situation, and while that term can also be misused, it legitimately calls attention to the problem of using PCR tests for diagnostic purposes and justifying policies based on PCR test ‘cases’ rather than clinically-confirmed illnesses…While PCR tests can be useful to confirm a diagnosis of COVID-19, they should never be used by themselves as a diagnostic tool. Yet, in ‘case’ counts, that is precisely what’s been done: people who do not have the disease and are not contagious are being counted as COVID-19 ‘cases’ on the basis of an unreliable lab test, and these numbers in turn are being cited to justify continued lockdown measures.” – Jeremy R. Hammond, Independent Journalist and Author –

“Covid-19 ‘cases’ are a practically meaningless metric, especially in light of how their numbers are determined by counting ’positive’ results from RT-PCR tests that do not distinguish between viable virus and non-infectious viral RNA fragments. Even the lockdown-loving New York Times has admitted that 90% of so-called ‘cases’ in the US have been individuals who were probably not contagious.” — Jeremy R. Hammond

“Just as there are professional propagandists masquerading as ‘journalists’, so are there propagandists dutifully masquerading in their role as ‘scientists’ to deceive the public in order to manufacture consent for harmful authoritarian policies.” – Jeremy R. Hammond

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