Hey, Doctor – Leave Those Kids Alone! by Robert Bridge

Before another vaccine is injected in children and teenagers, we need a comprehensive analysis and accounting of what present vaccines, singly and in combination, have done to them. From Robert Bridge at lewrockwell.com:

When they’re at such low risk from Covid-19, we must stop pushing jabs and masks on the youngest members of our society on the off chance it may protect vulnerable adults. Our job is to protect children, not the other way around.

Although the toll on children from Covid-19 has barely registered a blip on the radar, the New York Times is pushing for all individuals aged 12 and older to be vaccinated, regardless of the risk that comes with the jab.

It seems that the Gray Lady just can’t help herself. After an article last month deviously suggesting that “frustrated teenagers” might want to consider sneaking behind their parents’ back to get the controversial Covid jab, the New York Times is now boldly proclaiming that “Covid is a greater risk to young people than the vaccines.”

That statement is highly debatable, yet debate – specifically, rational scientific debate in which all medical opinions are allowed equal consideration – is exactly what’s missing in these increasingly oppressive times.

Despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have acknowledged a“likely link” between the onset of myocarditis, a rare condition involving inflammation of the heart muscle, and the vaccine, the agency continues to push the jab on children. Keep in mind that the chance of a child under 17 years of age dying from Covid-19 is 0.0005%, according to the CDC’s own numbers.

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