Does Anyone Have An Answer?

Only 15 seconds:

4 responses to “Does Anyone Have An Answer?

  1. Because it’s not about protection, it’s about population control.

    For all values of the phrase “population control”.



  2. Excellent.
    It’s like we’re playing “simon says”, only we’re playing “Fauci says”.


  3. I’m a Vietnam Veteran. I don’t ask questions anymore. Like the Indians, we been shit on so many times, we know it doesn’t do any good to ask questions. I do however, like hearing people ask them. When they do that, I know they’re probably not Leviathan. The lucky ones in the coming sportiness will be the ones who DON’T live through it. The ones who do, get the starving and freezing and probably the tyranny.


  4. They didn’t want Trump, So now they’ll get Hitler.


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