Has Covid vaccine efficacy turned negative? By Alex Berenson

Negative efficacy would mean you’re more likely to get Covid if you’re vaccinated than if you’re not. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

Data from highly vaccinated countries suggests strongly that the answer is yes; vaccinated people are at higher risk of infection from Omicron.

Denmark has fewer than 6 million people – 1/60th as many as the United States.

Nearly its all adults are vaccinated, mostly with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine that is the world’s supposed gold standard. Half have received third “booster” doses.

On Wednesday Denmark reported 28,000 Covid infections – equal to about 1.7 million in the United States.

The figures are similar in the United Kingdom, and all over Western Europe. Many countries are at 90 percent adult Covid vaccination levels, with boosters soaring. And they are all now in the midst of an epidemic of Covid contagion that dwarfs any that has come before.

The vaccines sure seem to have failed.

That’s wrong, though.

The reality is worse.

The data from several countries now show clearly that infection rates are higher in vaccinated people.

Iceland has a 91 percent vaccination rate (and an over 50 percent booster rate) in its population over 12. This is its chart of cases per-capita by vaccination status. Not absolute, per-capita. Dark blue is fully vaccinated, light blue is unvaccinated, black is boosted.

Look at what has happened to the dark blue line since Dec. 21, since Omicron became dominant.

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