What happens to those billions of NanoParticles you’ve become host to? By Marc Giradot

At a minimum you’re getting 30 trillion pathogenic spike proteins inside your body when you receive one vaccination. From Marc Giradot at covidmythbuster.substack.com:

Vaccine Safety Myth – Two Fundamental Mechanisms that Explain Serious Adverse Effects Post-Vaccination

Some of you might recall one of the most beautiful commercial ever, the colourful Sony advertising in my childhood’s neighbourhood in San Francisco. As you might recall, they let go 170,000 bouncing balls tumbling down the streets in a beautifully chaotic ballet of rubber balls of all colours.

During that poetic descent, balls bounce off rain gutters, car trunks, wooden-tile roofs, lamp posts… Hitting mailboxes, running down trash cans, shaking newspaper racks… there’s no telling where they’d end up: stuck in a garage, in a garden, on a roof, who knows… The only thing certain is gravity was going to pull them down, a majority will end down at the Marina, and that they will bang on a variety of objects along the way, solo or in pack, in a wonderful haphazard choreography.

Current anti-COVID vaccines can be like bouncing balls in your body. Obviously Nanoparticles1 (LNP/Viral vectors) and spike proteins are far less poetic, but what they lack in poetry, they compensate in potential chaos and surprises. The domino effects they trigger sometimes can be disquieting and dramatic.

Just as it’s impossible to explain why, how or when a particular bouncing ball opened up a mail box, or tipped over a trash can, it’s impossible to outline precisely the exact conditions which led to a particular adverse effect of these new lipid nanoparticle-based spike producing inoculations.

In the coming lines, I will try to outline commonalities, gravities and dynamics, that are factual and attempt to explain some of the mechanisms which probably cause illnesses and deaths following these vaccines. Trying to make sense out of this senselessness.

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