Reality Check: A “no-fly zone” over Ukraine means WAR, by Off-Guardian

What if the jets who are not supposed to be flying in your “no-fly zone” fly there? Then you have to fire upon them in the hopes you’ll shoot them down. What if they fire back? From Off-Guardian at

estern pundits and journalists are all in a flutter over Ukraine. They think it’s terribly exciting, and want to be seen to be tough and decisive. Their internal monologues probably feature the word “Churchillian” quite a lot.

Naturally, that means a lot of them are saying some really stupid things.

This includes widespread calls for a NATO-imposed “No-Fly Zone” over Ukrainian airspace. This proposal is all over the media, even coming out of the porcine mouth of Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the UK’s Labour party:

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