Poking Holes in the Brain-Blood Barrier. Is that such a good idea? By Marc Giradot

How the Covid vaccines can cause neurodegenerative disease. From Marc Giradot at covidmythbuster.substack.com:

Vaccine Safety Myth – Current Covid vaccines inevitably stimulate immune attacks against the BBB risking neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer Disease

For over a year now, the concern about Covid vaccines adverse effects on our vascular system has been haunting me.

On Team Reality, many of my biologist friends took a very different route of investigation than mine. They all dove into arcane science – well beyond my reach, I admit – trying to explain the extremely wide diversity of pathologies – strokes, myocarditis, thrombosis, neurological disorders, feet blister, tinnitus … – through a rich spectrum of microbiological processes. And, indeed, it is quite mind-stretching to grasp what – and how – the same nanoparticles1 would trigger such distinct pathologies.

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