The Pledge, by William Gudal

A different take on Taiwan from SLL contributor William Gudal.

Every Magic Act Consists of Three Parts

Is there even the tiniest of doubts that Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan was approved if not mandated by the CIA, NSA, FBI, Pentagon, Bill Gates, George Soros, Michelle Obama, Susan Rice or whoever else is running US foreign policy? The question is why. What was the purpose of the mission? We are clearly in a world where nothing is what is seems on the surface. This is the Pledge, there are two acts to go.

Ms. Pelosi’s venture into the Taiwanese theatre triggers a number of talking points. First of all, does anyone really care what happens to Taiwan, and if you do, how much do you care? In circumstances like this, I apply the double leg test. You are on a landing craft just off the coast of Taiwan. You have a choice: you are told you have a significant chance of losing both your legs due to combat or you can turn around and leave the theatre. I thought so.

Another little nagging question is this: “we” are saving Taiwan from what? Almost every business in America has all of its products manufactured in China. Business is excellent, really excellent. China is the top sender of international students to American universities, with 317,000 last year. Chinese scientists work in industry throughout America. Eighty percent of the ingredients contained in American pharmaceutical drugs come from China. American consumers can’t get enough Chinese goods, e.g. all of the dumbbells and barbells in your fitness center are manufactured in China. Thank the Chinese for keeping you healthy. Fauci and his cohorts are happy to conduct their virological experiments in China. And don’t forget America’s newest kicks, fentanyl, virtually all of which originates in China. Annual NBA revenues derived from China reportedly range between $5 and 10 billion. America’s number one love boat product, Apple, is mostly Chinese. This is a short list.

In short, since the United States and China are now totally entwined in a double helix, what is the problem with integrating Taiwan as a partner if through the US it isn’t already integrated into this happy family? Why keep Taiwan from getting in on this gravy train? Given all this, please explain the point of intentionally or accidentally reducing your grandchildren to nuclear shadows on the sidewalk, all over a distinction without a difference. This is the Turn; please provide the Prestige. Exeunt.

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