How Does Asia Feel About Nancy Pelosi? By Peter Van Buren

Asia is not as impressed with Nancy Pelosi as Nancy Pelosi is impressed with Nancy Pelosi. From Peter Van Buren at

The U.S. speaker of the House did not receive the welcome she expected around her visit to Taiwan last week.

As most of America quickly forgets Nancy Pelosi’s heightening of tensions in East Asia, it is important to double back to review what messages were actually sent by each entity involved in the spat.

Japan, who welcomed Pelosi as a conqueror following her visit to Taipei, found about half of the Chinese missiles fired over and around Taiwan as “punishment” actually landed in Japanese-claimed waters around small islands in the Pacific Ocean to the country’s east. Japan, which sent a message of undiluted support for Pelosi’s Taiwan adventure, found itself the recipient of a message of its own.


Left undiscussed was the fact that the ownership of those islands is a point of contention among Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines. But the main message is clear enough: Japan no longer has a foreign policy of its own, and is de facto an American military protectorate alongside Guam and Saipan—the Philippines of the future past.

Taiwan reassured itself it is a beloved American vassal state with a visit from mom, much like a child of divorced parents who blames himself for the breakup. Nancy Pelosi, likely a lame duck, went for low-hanging fruit by seeking to anger China greatly at little cost. With a constituency back home that is about one-third Chinese-American, Pelosi has made a career out of appearing on the scene to criticize China: after Tiananmen, at various Olympiads, over Hong Kong, and hey, why do we need a specific reason 2022 edition.

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