Three Words That Describe the Russo-Ukrainian War, by Jim Fitzgerald

Ukraine and its Western backers should try to negotiate a peace before Russia takes over the entire country. From Jim Fitzgerald at

There is a single word that is best suited to describe the position of Moscow, Washington, and Kyiv regarding the Russo-Ukrainian war – intractable. Six months into to the war and it appears that nothing can be done to bring these parties to the negotiating table. All three governments remain as thoroughly entrenched in their all-or-nothing positions, and it appears that they are unlikely to change their minds any time soon.

Another term, however, must be used to explain the less enthusiastic attitudes of the European states. Their position seems to be one of resignation. They appear resigned to the fates that are inescapably leading them down the path of economic and political devastation. Washington has effectively bullied most of the European countries into going along to get along.

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