MUST READ: Doctor At A Large Teaching Hospital Provides Insights Into The Coming Cold & Flu Season, from an anonymous source

Because of vaccine-weakened immune systems, it looks like this year’s cold and flu season is going to be particularly severe. From an anonymous source at

My anonymous source emailed the following just now:

I spoke with a doctor friend yesterday.  While a lot of problematic events are coalescing around the world (pandemic, economic issues, war in Ukraine, threats against Taiwan, food and energy shortages, etc.) my friend has a singularity of focus on Medical issues due to his senior position at a large teaching hospital.

I talked to him yesterday with the same suppositions I emailed you, about the Chinese likely knowing a lot more about Covid than they let on.  He concurred, but went into a lot more detail.  He regularly discusses Australia as the canary in the coalmine.  They are emerging from their winter just as we are looking to shortly enter ours which in his mind makes them a good predictor of what’s to come in our winter here.

Australia’s flu season started earlier than usual, which would correlate to ours starting in Oct. This would be right during the 14 day (technically unvaccinated yet excessively vulnerable status) of those who chased down and got the dual variant vaccine as soon as they could.

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