Nordstream Sabotage – Deeper Dive, by Kit Knightly

Assigning blame for the sabotage of Nordstream 1 and 2 is not as important as it may appear, because both sides of the Ukraine-Russia war are working for the same cause. From Kit Knightly at

In the most recent edition of New World Next Week, James Corbett cites my recent article on the Nordstream sabotage, but politely disagrees about the irrelevance of attribution.

He argues that this kind of event will have definite geopolitical ramifications, and as such the identity of the culprit becomes important information. (I will embed the full video, below as the two Jameses are always worth watching.)

I respect James’ work immensely and in the alternate media world there’s probably no one I am more likely to agree with as a general rule, but here I must return that polite disagreement in kind.

Now, I do not doubt there will be “geopolitical ramifications”, but in a post-Covid world we need to ask what that means in real terms.

Yes, this will likely mean “tougher sanctions”, or Russia being declared a “terrorist state”. Maybe the war will “intensify”. Maybe Russia’s allies in China or India or Iran will face sanctions too.

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