Maneuver Warfare, by William Schryver

Strategic retreats to suck the opponent in and then advancing and annihilating them is a time-honored military tactic. From William Schryver at

Great dangers rise up when you least expect them.

Lately I’ve been reading one of the most fascinating war-related books I’ve ever come across:

A New Conception of War – John Boyd, The U.S. Marines, and Maneuver Warfare, by Ian T. Brown.

(The book has been out of print for some time, but is available in pdf format from Marine Corps University at the following link: A New Conception of War.)

John Boyd was one of the most brilliant and celebrated modern military theorists, and his concepts were extremely influential among many in the post-Vietnam officer cadre of the United States Marine Corps.

John Boyd

In particular, the highly regarded USMC General Paul K. Van Riper became a zealous disciple of Boyd’s conceptions of war. I have previously written of Van Riper’s legendary exploits, and most recently his observations of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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