Pandemic Treaty: Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated, Kit Knightly

That nasty treaty that cedes a lot of national power and sovereignty to the WHO during WHO declared pandemics is by no means dead. From Kit Knightly at

A few days ago the British Medical Journal published a report headlined:

Don’t let economic crisis distract from preparing for a future pandemic

The headline is quoting Sarah Gilbert – team leader behind the development AstraZeneca Covid “vaccine” – addressing the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) when it opened on September 29th. It was part of a keynote discussion on preparing for the next pandemic, and more specifically the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty.

Now, you might be thinking at this point, “wait, wasn’t the Pandemic Treaty voted down at the world health summit in May?”

And the answer to that is no. You’re probably remembering the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, and they weren’t outright defeated, they passed a watered-down version after some backroom compromises.

Back to the WISH Summit, where multiple high-level “experts”, vaccine manufacturers and health ministers expressed regret that countries are already neglecting pandemic preparedness. To quote Gilbert again:

We are already seeing investment moving away from pandemic preparedness, and I hope politicians don’t take their eye off the ball.”

Now, obviously, a vaccine manufacturer has clear motives for saying this. A mix of scaremongering and good old-fashioned profiteering (one company claims to be working on portable labs that can be shipped to the third world in the event of a pandemic – a surefire moneyspinner).

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