US Rejection Of Moscow’s Offer For Peace Talks Is Utterly Inexcusable, by Caitlin Johnstone

You don’t reject peace talks out of hand when the alternative could be nuclear war. From Caitlin Johnstone at

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that Moscow was open to talks with the the US or with Turkey on ending the war in Ukraine, claiming that US officials are lying when they say Russia has been refusing peace talks.

Reuters reports:

Lavrov said officials, including White House national security spokesman John Kirby, had said the United States was open to talks but that Russia had refused.

“This is a lie,” Lavrov said. “We have not received any serious offers to make contact.”

Lavrov’s claim was given more weight when US State Department spokesman Ned Price dismissed the offer for peace talks shortly after it was extended, citing Russia’s recent missile strikes on Kyiv.

“We see this as posturing,” Price said at a Tuesday press briefing. “We do not see this as a constructive, legitimate offer to engage in the dialogue and diplomacy that is absolutely necessary to see an end to this brutal war of aggression against the people and the state, the Government of Ukraine.”

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One response to “US Rejection Of Moscow’s Offer For Peace Talks Is Utterly Inexcusable, by Caitlin Johnstone

  1. Hulka Smirks at Francis

    The Department of State has been Long March fellow travelers for almost 100 years.
    Nuclear WAR has been decided and there won’t be any vote on it in the precious democracy.


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