The EU courageously denounces terrorism :-), by The Saker

Russia should ignore Europe as much as possible and let it drown in its own idiocy. From The Saker at

First, two headlines:

Logical, right?

That is also probably why EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell is now threatening the Russian military with annihilation (apparently, Borrell does not realize that the EU has no armed forces or that Russia can wipe out the entire EU in a few hours).

In the meanwhile, in the indispensable nation, land of the free home of the brave, city on the hill, leader of the “(non-)Free World” and of the Axis of Kindness, the official “inflation sits at 8.2% as core prices hit four-decade high“.  Hmmmm…  How can one deal with this?

Why!  Send billions to a genocidal Nazi regime of course!

State Duma deputy, political scientist Oleg Matveichev cited statistics on the extent to which the West supplies Ukraine with armored vehicles, weapons, ammunition and ammunition. “As of today, Ukraine has received military aid worth 41.3 billion euros from various countries. The absolute majority – 27.7 billion – was given by the United States, and quite gratuitously. These are not loans, but direct support. Great Britain – by 3.7 billion euros, the European Commission – by 2.5 billion, Poland – by 1.8 billion, Germany – by 1.2 billion euros,” he listed. (source)

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