101-st Airborne Threatens Armageddon, by Declan Hayes

Russia took out some of Napoleon’s and Hitler’s finest military units and should it enter Russia the U.S.’s 101st Airborne will meet the same fate. From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

Joe Biden has his Screaming Eagles troupe throwing shapes from across the Romanian border to protect Hunter Biden’s bio labs. It too will not end well. For America.

Though Biden’s deployment of 4,500 stormtroopers, over a quarter of the total strength of the 101st Airborne Division, onto Russia’s doorstep is a statement of intent that will elicit the appropriate answer, America’s organized crime families best be careful with what they wish for, as their Screaming Eagles will not be the first set of marauding gangsters to come unstuck in Russia. Napoleon’s Imperial Guard and Hitler’s 1st SS Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, 2nd SS Das Reich, 12th SS Hitlerjugend and 5th SS Wiking, the pride of their respective armies, all got mauled there long before Hunter Biden ever saw a crack cocaine pipe.

Biden would reply that the 101st Airborne, the Screaming Eagles as these clowns like to call themselves, are the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the tip of the spear. But so too were the Hitler Youth reinforcements Guy Sayer’s The Forgotten Soldier recounts. Crème de la crème those brave Bavarians, who could withstand a sucker punch on the jaw. Which was not very useful as they were crushed to death by T34 tanks on their first day of combat.

Hollywood’s finest say that will not happen to them, that Band of Brothers, Hamburger Hill and Saving Private Ryan show their mettle. Band of Brothers where they slaughtered German POWs, shaved the heads of French women and robbed all around them. Saving Private Ryan, where Matt Damon of the 101st had obviously done no basic training and Hamburger Hill where they slaughtered innocent Vietnamese in a war that Vietnam won. Gotcha!

Russia will be an even tougher nut to crack than Vietnam, which ended up cracking the mighty Screaming Eagles and shipping them home in body bags. Should the 101st deploy into Ukraine and thereby directly threaten Russian civilians, Russian soldiers or Russian ordinance, then there is nothing this side of hell stopping the Russian Armed Forces treating the 101st Airborne like those T34 tanks treated the unfortunate Hitler Youth tough guys who got in their way. If the Screaming Eagles insist on flying as a Wagnerian flock into the next world, the missiles of Russia’s army, navy and air force will blacken the skies above them and, if those American lemmings and their relatives think their deaths are worth it to give Hunter Biden’s crew a bump in the November midterm elections, so be it. Cry havoc and release the dogs of war, after you put your crack pipe down.

If the Western world has gone mad, cold Russian steel will make it see sense. The U.S. thinks it can deploy flocks of marines or paratroopers as trip wires here, there and everywhere as statements that death awaits those who step over their arbitrary boundary lines. That leaves Generals Armageddon and Shoigu with a simple choice. They can submit, play by America’s rules, kowtow and maybe emigrate to New York to work as baristas. That is one choice.

The other choice is to do the jobs they are paid to do and what all of Russia and the Free World want them to do. That is to complete the mission they have been set, to liberate those areas of Russia currently under Ukrainian occupation, to snuff out the Nazi menace and to send the CIA’s Romanian President and all of the West a blunt and unequivocal message that even the Pentagon and Zelensky can understand, no matter how much powder is up their noses.

It is here very important to divorce the good Romanian people from Klaus Johannis, their CIA imposed President, who hails from Romania’s miniscule German minority and whose rise to power was as undeserved as was that of Clown Prince Zelensky, his Ukrainian equivalent. Even though this American inspired puppet president is not a member of Romania’s governing cabinet and hails from the self styled Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania, which commands less that 1% of the vote, Johannis forced the resignation of Defense Minister Vasile Dinctu for saying that the Russo Ukrainian war must end, as all wars end, with negotiation. Dinctu shows that there is still hope, that not every last European politician is a CIA puppet, there to do Uncle Sam ‘s bidding for thirty pieces of silver and a bag of Colombian coke.

Biden is doing his damnedest to get his Ukrainian Nazi stooges to unleash a dirty bomb or to blow the dams as an excuse to send his killers in. But it will not matter a whit as General Armageddon’s forces have called Biden’s bluff. Ukraine is today’s Stalingrad where Romania and its allies met their Waterloo as the tide turned against them, as it must now turn against NATO. The U.S. has laid waste to Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Armenia, Libya, Somalia and, yet again, Haiti. Russia and all her allies must ensure that Ukraine is, for the American war machine, the end of that bloody process. No more Abu Ghraibs. No more Mai Lais. No more gain of function bio labs in Ukraine or Boston. No more American terrorism. No more American war crimes.

Though those are simple demands even a NATO buffoon or a Romanian President could understand, they can only be achieved by yet more Russians sacrificing their lives, as their forebears did against not only the tip of the spear but the entire avalanche of spears Hitler and Napoleon sent their way. Though this needless war is a terrible tragedy for all serving Russian soldiers and their friends and families they do, at least, have this one major consolation.

Beyond this token deployment of 4,500 Screaming Eagles, there lies nothing. Johannis wants to transform Romania, like parts of the Philippines and Thailand before it, into a knocking shop for Screaming Eagles who are overpaid, over sexed and over here. Germans have chosen to freeze in the dark as they destroy their economy and, as the British can’t even choose a leader, they have had the World Economic Forum’s Rishi Sunak, a billionaire, imposed on them. If the tip of the spear wants that lot to form the shaft of the spear, they will end up like Napoleon’s finest, abandoned and being clubbed to death by Russian peasants.

Napoleon stupidly invaded Russia to enforce his blockade against England. His forces were destroyed. Hitler stupidly invaded Russia to secure resources and to feed his racist fetishes. His forces were destroyed. Joe Biden has his Screaming Eagles troupe throwing shapes from across the Romanian border to protect Hunter Biden’s bio labs. It too will not end well. For America.

5 responses to “101-st Airborne Threatens Armageddon, by Declan Hayes

  1. “stormtroopers”.
    you fucked up Gore.
    For generations these warriors have allowed you to sleep peacefully, while they stand the wall.
    they are the “TOOLS” of your protection.
    only a CLOWN blames his tools.
    blame the hand for the use of the hammer.
    you just stuck your_____ into the nest of those who now
    serve and millions of veterans.
    if you can’t stand behind our warriors, then go stand in front of them.
    go back to sleep loser.
    I’m sure you’re going to “moderate this comment”
    so be it.


    • Name one war since World War II that threatened the security of the U.S. proper and its citizens (in other words, when the Department of Defense actually defended the U.S.). Those warriors don’t fight for me or you, they fight for our government, which is corrupt as they come. You are quite right, they are “TOOLS”, to protect American “interests,” which is a far different thing than protecting Americans. Please see “In Memoriam 2022,” at https://straightlinelogic.com/2022/05/29/in-memoriam-2022-by-robert-gore/.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “And what did they die for?”
    They wrote a blank check for their lives.
    Swore an oath to up hold the “Constitution”.
    Meaningless shit to you probably.
    The name calling of military has been done before, only better.
    War, to rehash, is politics by other means.
    YOU need to contain your foolish schoolboy branding of a warrior covenant and redirect to the source. It is sooo 1970’s of you. And 80’s, and 90’s. The ever present powers in command are the source. I know this is your push, but you got waylaid by snowflake shit. Meaningless name calling. Mind you, sticks and stones bullshit doesn’t graze me, but the idea of defaming the idea of those who have sacrificed the max and those who now stand in harms way, is shitty. Can’t think of a more proper grunt word.
    Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Hamburger Hill……that’swhat you got. This is your armchair combat expertise “degree”? HOLLYWOOD! For fuck sakes man.
    Innocent Vietnamese? Of course.Everyone is innocent in combat, until they ain’t. I have seen the innocence of war, which IS the sorrow of war. And again____ the mere continuation of policy.WAR and POLICY is the condition that soldiers, grunts, find themselves in. Their leaders place themselves there for gain.
    Your sights SHOULD be focused at the top of the chain.
    Priorities, man, priorities. Don’t hammer your foot because your top chakras are fucked up.
    …by the fucking way, I was and will always be a “Screaming Eagle”. and was in, wait for it…….Vietnam.


    • “They wrote a blank check for their lives.”
      Precisely, and it gets cashed by people who have no respect for or intention of upholding the Constitution. I’m glad your check wasn’t cashed, and I hope that those of the current 101st Airborne aren’t either. It would be a tragedy beyond reckoning if a single check was cashed for the insanely stupid cause of extending the faltering U.S./NATO empire to the utterly corrupt Ukraine.


  3. Blank check, Faith, family. It’s the mindset I’m addressing. Not the people who cash those checks. There aren’t enough rope and lamp posts for them. “They” cause the sorrow, of which we are now seeing the effects. I understand your end game intentions and reasoning, and applaud your perseverance, BUT the bashing of “blood” is needless. nuff said. Too many can take offense.
    Many will still step forward and continue to write these same checks for a dream of peace for their children.


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