Cocaine Rocket Man, by Good Citizen

Will Zelensky actually con the U.S. into launching World War III? From Good Citizen at

And I think it’s gonna be a long, long line.


When a Russian S-300 missile lands in a remote region of Poland just a few miles across the border from Ukraine and nobody sees or hears it, does that trigger Article 5 of the NATO charter?

How about when a Russian S-300 missile hits a farm in a remote region of Poland and kills two Poles?

What if it was Ukraine who did it? Does that trigger Article 5 for NATO to invade Ukraine?

It appears that somewhere between the dirty bomb false flag idea getting the axe in October and Russia handing over Kherson without a fight the western intel handlers of Ukraine’s poison dwarf decided to test the second and third questions intentionally.

How can we suspect it was intentional?

Anytime things shift ever so slightly toward even the faintest hint of ending this conflict, the agents of global chaos emerge with new ideas for its continuation.

New staged bodies of war crimes atrocities, new false flag missile attacks on civilians at train stations, barrages of nuclear power plants, shelling of hydroelectric dams, new economic terror ops like bridge and pipeline sabotage, and on and on.

It’s all so laughably predictable now when I saw the headlines last night that Russia deliberately launched missiles at a farm in a remote area of Poland I spit out my tea and spent five minutes cleaning my monitor, before seeing more headlines that said Poland was scrambling some fighter jets and calling an emergency meeting of its NATO partners before bursting out in laughter and spraying the monitor screen again with more tea.

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One response to “Cocaine Rocket Man, by Good Citizen

  1. And then there is this.

    Tom Luongo is working on a column about it that should be good. His view is that it is time to buy a case of good cigars and SPF-50, and stand back because WWIII is going to be hard to avoid. We are going to get our fight, good and hard.


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